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Pregnant Celebrities Show Off Their Baby Bumps in Bikinis (PHOTOS)

Some celebrities like to keep their pregnancies under wraps, but others put it out there — we’re talking string bikini out there — for the world to see. Forget drapey, bump-hiding dresses! If you're creating a little human, by all means, flaunt it. It's almost Mother's Day, so let's celebrate some celebs that righteously flaunted their mama-to-be status.

It can be pretty hard adjusting one's wardrobe to a baby bump. Pants are suddenly stretchier, shirts have to be longer, and sometimes you even need wider shoes! A bikini actually seems pretty comfortable, from that perspective. No constricting clothing here! Just the warm sand, a baby bump, and the barest minimum of modesty. As far as we're concerned, if you're already dealing with being pregnant, you've earned it!

Click through to take a peek at some bikini-clad expecting celebs who couldn’t wait to take their babies-to-be to the beach, from Jessica Simpson to Kim Kardashian. Would you dare to bare your bump?