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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 3: “Diamond in the Rough” — Here’s What Went Down

R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 3: “Diamond in the Rough” finds the divas making musical moves while trying to fix the bonds in their respective families. So, what happened last night on R&B Divas Atlanta? Here’s what went down:

1. Keke Wyatt takes a preggo test. In an effort to figure out why KeKe has been having mood swings and bodily changes, KeKe’s brother, Keever Wyatt, gives his sis a pregnancy test to see if her symptoms might be connected to a pregnancy. KeKe takes the test, and to her relief, it comes back negative. However, KeKe wonders: If her hormones aren’t affecting her behavior, then what is?

2. Syleena Johnson and Angie Stone play one-on-one. During a game of one-on-one basketball, Angie talks to Syleena about the showdown between KeKe and Monifah at Monifah’s engagement party. Syleena tells Angie that she’s spoken to the ladies separately and think that they will have to just come together to hash that out on their own time in order to move forward with their joint musical endeavors.

3. Trouble in KeKe’s house. At home, KeKe starts to feel like she’s the “daughter of her home” as opposed to the woman of her house — partially because her mom, Lorna, is living with them. Once KeKe decides to step away from her mom’s ramblings, Keke’s bro, Kever, jumps in, telling their mother that she’s combatative and has unresolved issues she needs to work on. There’s a huge battle between Keeve and Lorna, and after the two swear at each other, Lorna says sometimes she’s ashamed to be their mother.

4. Syleena brings her ideas to the table. Getting straight to business, Syleena brings a typed sheet of ideas for a one-night only concert for the divas to participate in. Syleena’s ideas include each lady singing something that they would love to do, while the others sing background, and then a group collaboration. All the ladies seem to be in agreement, except Meelah Williams, who feigns interest, but is really not all too chummy about being in the background. LaTavia Roberson, however, is all for the concert, but jokes that she’ll probably crap herself on stage.

5. LaTavia makes her big confession. Meeting up with friend Meelah, LaTavia admits that she’s got some reservations about singing. After all, she hasn't sang since leaving Destiny’s Child! Later, LaTavia meets with Monifah to also discuss her concerns. Monifah asks LaTavia if singing is what she really wants to do, and LaTavia admits that it’s not. This is when Monifah tells her that she needs to find her passion for singing — or whatever it is she wants to do — and soon she’ll feel more confident.

6. KeKe and Keever talk to mom. KeKe and Keever have a sit down with mama Lorna to apologize for their outburst towards her, but to also tell her that it’s obvious there’s some issues within in the family that need to be resolved. They all talk about seeing a family shrink as a possible solution.

7. Angie and daughter Diamond duke it out. Angie introduces the world to her daughter, Diamond, who is currently working on her music career. Angie reveals that she and her daughter have a somewhat strained relationship, as Angie was a young mom and had to leave Diamond with her parents to raise while she went on tour and worked on her own music career. During Diamond’s studio session, Angie tries to give Diamond advice, but Diamond’s not having it. Angie then tells Diamond that she’s her mother and that she needs respect, but Diamond rebuffs that her mom hasn’t really ever treated her like a mom would, or given her the attention she wanted (as say Angie gives the divas). Angie tries to apologize to Diamond for her feelings of abandonment, and tells her daughter that she does love her and care for her.

8. Meelah opens up and Angie adds a diva. Finally, the divas meet up yet again to discuss moving forward on the one-night only concert. Meelah opens up to the group, saying that she wasn’t completely honest about not wanting to do backup singing. As she explains that doing backup reminds her of a sad time in her life, the other divas assure her that things will be fine and it’s only for one night. As the business conversation continues, Angie’s daughter Diamond interrupts with her presence. Divas Monifah, Syleena, and KeKe are all wondering what Diamond is doing there. Angie tells the group that Diamond is just visiting to see how the divas operate, but when Syleena tries to talk business again, Angie interrupts to talk about Diamond.

Monifah is perturbed by Angie cutting Syleena off in the middle of a business meeting, and KeKe starts to lose her patience. As Angie continues to cut the ladies off to talk about her daughter, KeKe decides that she’s going to leave. Things are beginning to unravel, and Syleena is getting annoyed.

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05.8.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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