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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Finale Spoiler: Will Belle Find Out About Rumple’s Betrayal?

Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) looked this close to finally getting their happy ending on last week's episode of Once Upon a Time, but then Rumple went and betrayed Belle's trust in his better nature, enacting a deadly revenge against Zelena (Rebecca Mader). Will she learn the truth in the Season 3 finale? And if she does, will she call off their engagement?

In the world of Once Upon a Time, secrets never stay hidden forever, so it's pretty safe to say this will come to light — but it might not be this week.

Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the finale, and Edward remained cagey when asked if and when Belle will learn the truth.

"We'll have to wait and see when she finds out," he hedged. "It could be this weekend, it could be next year. You'll have to watch Sunday night."

That said, both showrunners agreed that while Rumple is a complicated character with good and bad sides, his love for Belle is very real, and his proposal come from a "genuine" place.

"There are a lot of complicated things going on in his head," Edward explained. "We're just beginning to explore that. Next year, we'll understand a lot more what he's thinking."

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Catch the Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale on Sunday, May 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.