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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Finale Recap — “Snow Drifts” and “There’s No Place Like Home”

Let it go, everyone! In tonight's thrilling Once Upon a Time Season 3 finale (Season 3, Episode 21: "Snow Drifts," and Season 3, Episode 22: "There’s No Place Like Home"), one of our favorite couples gets married, one of our heroes dies (kinda), and Emma channels her inner Marty McFly.

Emma Messes With the Past

At the start of the episode, our heroes are having a jolly time at Granny's to welcome Mary Margaret and David's bundle of joy. However, all is not well, as Zelena's time portal is wreaking havoc. Even in death, Zelena still ruins everything.

Emma is having a melancholic chat with Hook which is basically the only type of chat these two ever have when she gets sucked into the portal. Hook, ever the gentleman, goes into it to save her. The pair land in Fairytale Land and put on some old-timey clothes to fit in. Very fashionable.

Emma is about to watch her parents' meet-cute, but Snow gets distracted and doesn't manage to stop Charming and Abigail's carriage. Uh-oh. This is suddenly very similar to the Back to the Future saga, but minus the hoverboards. Our heroes visit Rumple who at this point has never fallen in love with Belle and decide to sneak into Midas's ball so Snow can steal the ring.

Credit: Katie Yu/ABC    

Doing Time

After Hook punches his favorite person himself! Rumple helps our gang crash the ball, with Emma hilariously claiming to be Princess Leia. As Charming and Abigail bicker, Snow steals the ring but loses it after Charming spots her. Then, when Emma tries to reach Snow, she's caught by Regina and is going to be spending some time in the Gray Bar Hotel.

Following a flashback to Emma and Neal's date in Portland (aww!), Emma manages to open her lock, allowing herself and a mystery woman to escape. Red helps Hook and Charming make their way into the castle, followed by Snow trying to apologize to Regina. But Regina's not having it and burns Snow at the stake. Talk about a bummer. Luckily, Snow manages to survive, thanks to her dark fairy dust. Phew!

Emma watches as Snow bluffs on the bridge about having her dust, leading to her trying on the ring. So cute! Emma tears up as she watches with Hook, and then they realize that Snow and Charming's wedding is in the storybook.

Credit: Katie Yu/ABC    

Adele Dazeem, Is That You?

Rumple won't help Emma and Hook open the portal, and he sends them to his magic vault. Snow's almost-death makes Emma realize that she's done with running away from her problems. She sees that her wand has lit up, proving that she has magic, now that she has accepted Storybrooke. A portal opens, and Hook goes through with the woman who refused to rat out Snow, but Rumple shows up to learn the sad truth about Neal from Emma. Emma pleads with Rumple to not let Neal's death be in vain.

After Emma reunites with her fam, she has a heart-to-heart with Hook, who reveals that he sold his ship for a magic bean that helped him save her. That is totally swoon-worthy news for Emma, and the two start making out. Yes, it's ridiculously hot. Then, Rumple and Belle get married, which is as adorable as we could have imagined.

Things are likewise going well for Regina and Robin Hood until Regina meets the woman from the past, and it's Marian. Robin and Roland then reunite with Marian, whom they thought were dead. Needless to say, Regina is not pleased with Emma for bringing Marian back into Robin's life.

Then, an urn from the vault opens up, spilling blue liquid into Zelena's rune. Suddenly, we see the Snow Queen emerge! We're guessing she's not in the mood for any warm hugs.

What did you think of tonight's finale? Let us know in the comments section!

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