Credit: Jenelle Evans on Instagram    
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Jenelle Evans

What Did Nathan Griffith Give Jenelle Evans For Mother’s Day?

Jenelle Evans had a lot to celebrate this Mother's Day. Not only is MTV's most notorious reality star a proud mom to her first son, Jace Evans (who lives with his grandma, Barbara), she's pregnant with her second child! Jenelle's about nine months along in her pregnancy, and you better believe she's being treated like a queen by her baby daddy, MMA fighter Nathan Griffith.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

Nathan's been spoiling Jenelle rotten throughout her pregnancy (aside from that one awkward time that he went to jail and left girlfriend all on her lonesome), so it goes without saying that he pulled out all the stops for Mother's Day.

So, what did Nathan give the leading lady in his life? The cutest gift ever, that's what. Instead of pulling a Courtland Rogers and buying Jenelle some giant ring from Zales (sigh, memories!), Nathan kept things sweet and simple by making Jenelle a picnic.

"Happy Mothers Day to me from my love." Jenelle tweeted along with a snapshot of her gift, "Awwwwh!!!! Didn't have time to set it up on the beach, lol."

Um, Nathan is the perfect man. Of course, Jenelle also spent time with her mom, and treated Babs to a day of full-on pampering! "Other than my gift from my best friend, had a facial, manicure, and massage with Babs," Jenelle told fans. "It was my treat. She loved it! Her first time for all."

Sounds like Jenelle had an amazing day with her family! We can't wait to see what Nathan gets her as a "push present" for popping out their baby! And yes, we're aware that "push present" is a completely horrifying expression.