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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere: First Photo — Rick Opens Terminus Train Car!

Run, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)! Run for that stash of weapons!

The Walking Dead Season 5 just started filming last week in Atlanta, but our heroes at AMC knew we needed a fix so they shared this first official photo.

"#TheWalkingDead is returning this October,” they tweeted on May 13, “but we've got your first look at season five!"

So we’re looking at Rick in the Terminus train car, opening the door. Is he inching out in secret, or is Gareth/another Termite on the other side of the door? Is he getting the group’s food rations (more powdered milk?) or maybe getting a talk with Gareth? Are those fresh bruises from fighting the Termites, or remnants from all the crap poor Papa Grimes already took from The Marauders in the Season 4 finale?

And how hot is Andrew Lincoln going to be if he has to keep wearing that heavy coat through Georgia’s humid spring and summer? Oy.

With this first photo, AMC is keeping to the same schedule as last year, in terms of doling out first look footage, so here’s what we might be able to get next. If you’re interested in filming spoilers, fans on set have already shared some interesting things they’ve seen and heard at the Terminus location.

Thoughts on this new photo?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Walking Dead on Twitter