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Dancing With The Stars

Will Maksim Chmerkovskiy Return For Dancing With the Stars Season 19? “It’s Already Decided”

It was a pleasant surprise to have Maksim Chmerkovskiy return as a competing pro on Dancing With the Stars Season 18, after he made it pretty clear he was done with the show.

So was this a one-shot deal — since who would turn down the chance to dance with Meryl Davis, and how could she ever be topped? — or will he be back for the fall Season 19? Usually that kind of question gets a shrug or a “We’ll see” from the pros, but Maks already has an answer. “That’s the million dollar question,” Maks said (via OK! Magazine) after the Semifinals. “It’s already decided. I’m not telling. I’ll tell you next week. I promise.”

So he’s playing coy, but at least we won’t have to wait long for the truth. The Finals air Monday, May 19 and Tuesday, May 20, so by this time next week we should have an answer.

Do you think Maks is leaving the show, and embarking on a new project? Or maybe he’s coming back, but as a judge, instead of a pro? He does have guest judging experience from Season 17, and there was talk that Len Goodman, who is now 70, may not want to do the London-L.A. commute for the fall season, since he and Bruno Tonioli also judge Strictly Come Dancing.

Since we don’t have long to wait, we won’t go too far down the speculation road. Would you like Maks to come back as a competing pro or as a judge, or do you think he will leave DWTS now to do something else?

Source: OK! Magazine