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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars Season 18: Amy Purdy and Derek Hough’s 5 Best Dances (So Far)

It shouldn't be a surprise that Amy Purdy and Derek Hough made it to the Dancing With the Stars Season 18 finals. Amy combines athleticism, artistry, and a compelling story into one irresistible package, and Derek's ability to always wow the judges with his choreography doesn't hurt, either.

This pair has been solid from the start, but some of their dances have stood out more than others. As we head into the last week of performances, we've taken a look back at our five favorite dances Amy and Derek's season so far.

Week 2 Swing

This is the first dance where it became clear that Amy isn't just an inspirational story — she's also a great dancer.

Week 3 Contemporary

A beautiful, memorable performance that really shows off Amy's artistry.

Week 6 Jive

Amy is great in this uptempo dances where she can show off her personality.

Week 8 Dance Duel

This Celebrity Dance Duel Jive was fantastic. Amy and James killed it out there.

Week 9 Quickstep

Amy really did fly across the floor. Love it!

What are your favorite Amy and Derek dances? Let us know in the comments below!