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Emily Maynard

Is Emily Maynard Pregnant? Bachelorette Celebrates With Shotgun Barbie Cake

What a, uh… beautiful cake? It’s fitting, anyway, though, since 28-year-old Emily Maynard was once-dubbed “Southern Barbie.” And while we know she’s getting married, we can’t help but notice the Barbie on her bachelorette party cake is wielding a shotgun. Hey Em, is there something you’re not telling us?

True, she did mention in her engagement announcement that she wanted to get married ASAP, so perhaps she’s making good on that and getting hitched this weekend?! That shotgun thing makes a lot of sense when you think about her country ties, but could it also mean she’s having a “shotgun wedding,” as in she’s pregnant. After all, she did say I’ve got to have a baby soon” just last week…

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Although the petite single mom was always the picture of perfection on The Bachelorette, she once went “West Virginia Hood Rat” on a man who wasn’t there for the right reasons. Perhaps the gun is in reference to her southern roots and general badassery?

The future Mrs. Tyler Johnson got engaged to the car dealership consultant, 28, back on January 4, 2014, and is already getting the show on the road literally! Ems tweeted pics from her Nashville bachelorette party, in the back of a pink Hummer limo, and she’s so eager to tie the knot it seems like she’s all but wearing the dress she’ll walk down the aisle in. Why the rush, Emily?

What do you think this shotgun thing is all about? Is Emily trying to tell us she’s pregnant?

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