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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Lexi Manzo Uses Danielle Staub’s RHONJ Tagline as Her Senior Quote — What Does Danielle Think?

Here's a twist! Dina Manzo's daughter, Lexi, surprised Real Housewives of New Jersey fans when she made a very interesting choice for her yearbook's senior quote. Instead of going with heartwarming lyrics or an inspirational selection, like many teenagers often do, the young beauty decided to directly quote one of her mother's biggest Bravo enemies, Danielle Staub! But, Danielle didn't seem very mad about it.

Lexi used Danielle's original tagline from Season 1 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and her friends thought it was absolutely hilarious.

"My senior quote goes down in history," Lexi wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of her senior portrait with the quote below it.

"You're either gonna love me or hate me, there is no in between with me," Lexi's quote reads. Lexi even gave credit to Danielle by publishing her name next to the sentiment.

When one of Danielle's followers posted the photo to both Danielle and Dina's feed, commenting "Love this!" next to it, Danielle responded, "very nicely done."

Yet another fan noted, "love that you didn't add to drama. Taking the high road shows true class!"

We have to admit that we are also impressed with Danielle's attitude, although we're not surprised that she took Lexi's move as a sort of compliment. Still, hopefully this doesn't stir up any craziness between Danielle and Dina — things are already tense with Dina's return to the show only a little over a month away.

Are you surprised by Lexi's actions? Why do you think she did it? Sound off in the comments section below.