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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette Sneak Peek: Chris Bukowski Crashes! Will Andi Give Him a Shot?

You might think after two stays at the illustrious Bachelor Mansion, you get your own set of keys to the joint. However, as Chris Bukowski recently learned in this clip from The Bachelorette Season 10 premiere, being a twice-honored guest at the Casa de Las Rosas doesn’t necessarily entitle you to a lifetime pass.

You remember Chris, right? He’s the self-designated “grown-ass man” who wooed Emily Maynard up until Hometowns, then lost out in the finale of Bachelor Pad 3. Now Chris wants to try his luck with gang prosecutor Andi Dorfman, who begins her journey (DRINK!) to find love tonight, May 19.

Sadly, it looks like Chris might get rose-blocked by show staff before he even gets to meet the girl who clearly captured his heart (from the comfort of his couch) on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor. Come on, unfriendly security guard... don’t you know who he is? He’s even holding a bouquet of roses to help jog your memory!

Chris reveals that he’s been waiting out in L.A. for a whole week just to get a chance to meet the feisty Southern belle (he clearly has a type). If you want to find out whether she gives him a shot or sends him packing, you’ll have to tune in tonight. Or, you know, you can check out our spoilers for info on that and much much more!

Source: GMA