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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Top 9 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 4, “New Help”

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 kept the drama coming with Episode 4, “New Help.” In addition to Kirk Frost causing a little stir in his already shaky marriage to Rasheeda Frost thanks to the addition of a young, hot nanny for his son, Karter, Mimi Faust learned Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez’s castle holds quite a few shady secrets.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Stevie J. postpones his “big white wedding” to Joseline. Stevie J. sits Joseline down to let her know they will have to postpone their big white wedding (even though they were “married” in a civil ceremony in July). Stevie tells Joseline that he would first like to book more gigs and worry about getting their separate and joint business ventures up and running first before investing in their huge million dollar ceremony.

Joseline agrees, and in the same breath tells Stevie that she had to fire her assistant, Dawn, for not doing what Joseline needs her to do. When Stevie asked Joseline if she officially fired Dawn, Joseline says “no,” but ultimately told Stevie that Dawn is dead to her.

2. Mimi learns the dirt on Stevie and Joseline. After learning she’s been fired by Joseline, Dawn runs to the first person she thinks will enjoy hearing the dirt: Mimi. Dawn tells Mimi Stevie and Joseline’s life is a total sham and their marriage isn’t real. Adding fuel to the fire, Dawn tells Mimi that Joseline’s wedding ring is in fact a ring from an ex-boyfriend! Mimi isn’t entirely shocked by the news, but is excited to finally have some ammo against her ex and his “wife.”

3. Bambi has a miscarriage. Lil Scrappy gets an emergency call from Bambi telling him to rush home. When Scrappy gets to the house, he learns Bambi took herself to the hospita and learned she suffered a miscarriage. Scrappy is upset, as he believed he was going to have a son. Although Scrappy says he’s not in love with Bambi, he says he does love her and promises her that they will work through the miscarriage together.

4. Kirk has a nanny in mind… Kirk hangs with Stevie J. and Benzino at the sports bar, and they notice that he’s pretty cool with a waitress named Jasmine. Kirk tells the guys that he’s thinking about extending the nanny job to Jasmine, and both Stevie and Benzino think it’s a bad idea. Kirk, however, sees nothing wrong with the “tenderoni” and asks her if she’d be willing to take care of his son. When Jasmine learns that Kirk has a wife, she questions him about the status of his marriage — especially since Kirk no longer wears his wedding ring. Kirk tells her that he and his wife are “friends” right now, but nonetheless he thinks she would be a great fit to have in the house. Jasmine tells Kirk that it sounds like a good opportunity and she’ll definitely think it over.

5. Momma Dee tries to comfort Bambi. Bambi is torn up about her miscarriage and is trying to get over a slight bout of sadness, when the last person she expected to see, Momma Dee, shows up. Despite not liking Bambi in the beginning, Momma Dee comes over to make Bambi soup and help her through her difficult time. Bambi says she thought Momma Dee would’ve been relieved to know Bambi was no longer carrying Scrappy’s child, but Momma Dee tells her it’s quite the contrary; she was excited to have another grandbaby. Momma Dee reveals she too had a miscarriage in the past and moving forward she’d like for them to be cool with each other.

6. Karlie Redd tries to apologize to Yung Joc. While hanging with Rasheeda and Kalenna Harper to talk over her relationship with Yung Joc, Karlie admits she flirted with Jeremih to make Yung jealous, but she desperately wants to make things right with him. Ove dinner, Karlie apologizes but Yung’s not having it. He won’t admit he was in fact jealous and instead tells Karlie that she pissed him off and basically screwed up a good thing. Karlie then promises to make it up to him “every night” and touches him sensually in public view at the restaurant. Unable to hold off from Karlie’s advances, Yung asks for the check so they can leave ASAP.

7. Stevie handles Joseline’s business. Stevie decides to meet with Dawn to finish what Joseline couldn’t and it gets ugly quickly! Dawn tells Stevie (and basically the world) that Joseline has been spending money on her credit, something a friend and not a booking agent would do. Dawn says Stevie is perpetrating a fraud by making the public believe the cars that he drives and the house he lives in are his, when in actuality, they’re both rentals. She also shows Stevie a copy of the text from Joseline that proves he lied to Hip Hop Weekly about the two being married. Stevie fires back saying he’s now part-owner of Hip Hop Weekly (as Benzino asked him to join the business previously), and she tells him that may be new, she still has bank receipts that explain the truth.

Back at home, Stevie tries to tell Joseline what went down with Dawn, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Instead, Stevie tells her Benzino offered him a piece of the magazine and to celebrate, he wants Joseline to do a spread.

8. Kirk finds a nanny and Rasheeda’s not happy. Kirk brings Jasmine to his home to meet baby Karter, and as Jasmine gets acquainted with the baby, Rasheeda comes in. Rasheeda’s clearly unimpressed and thinks that this new “nanny” is nothing more than just a plaything for Kirk. When Rasheeda addresses the fact that Kirk decided to hire a nanny before discussing the situation with her, Jasmine tells Rasheeda that she was under the impression that the two were separated, but co-parenting in the same home. Immediately, Rasheeda asks Jasmine to leave and then tells Kirk that he was a fool to bring another woman — and one he met at a bar, no less — into her home to watch their child. Kirk gets fed up with Rasheeda and walks away telling her to figure it out what she wants by herself.

9. Karlie confronts Yung’s friend about cheating. Karlie finally gets to see the house that Yung Joc has been telling her about. To Karlie’s misfortune, Yung’s “friend,” Khadiyah, is showing the property and Karlie feels something is amiss. When Khadiyah asks Karlie if she has any questions or concerns, Karlie asks if Khadiyah is in fact sleeping with Yung. Khadiyah admits to sleeping with him and Karlie goes on the attack.

Sigh. All we have to say is messy, messy, messy!

A new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 airs Monday, May 26, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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