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The Bachelorette

Chris Bukowski Says Bachelorette Premiere Crash Was Planned by Producers (VIDEO)

The Bachelorette fans who tuned in to Monday night’s Season 10 Premiere saw one more hot guy and awkward entrance than they bargained for when Chris Bukowski crashed the night. The gorgeous Season 8 Bachelorette alum showed up with a dozen roses to meet Andi Dorfman on the May 19 episode, and was brutally rebuffed. But while Emily Maynard’s ex got some flak for his appearance, but now Chris is speaking out — and claiming he doesn’t deserve the shade!

The 27-year-old made a bit of a fool of himself in a hastily-cut segment of Andi’s premiere, and he went on record with TMZ to shed responsibility for it. Of the stunt, he says “They made it seem like they didn’t know I was coming, but they knew.”

Indeed, host Chris Harrison swore up and down to USA Today and in his blog that he had no idea the Bachelor Pad 3 alum was going to be there. And while outside the gates of Bachelor Mansion, Chris B. said “I’ve been out here on my own for seven days.” He barely sold it then, so we’re inclined to believe what he’s saying now.

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According to the blue-eyed wonder, he had called up a producer pal to try and get cast on Andi’s season, as many others have done before him (ahem Kacie Boguskie, Shawntel Newton, and Paige Vigil, to name a few). But as the casting process was already said to be closed, a coupla show-makers came up with the idea for him to show up “unannounced.” In fact, says the owner of award-winning bar The Bracket Room, they all but handed him the roses and scripted the thing for him.

Hmm, we can’t imagine that Chris B. didn’t have a little help getting there, but why is Chris Harrison denying everything so hard? In this case of “Which Chris Wins,” we’re going to have to brush off the Elder Statesman and believe that it was another case of creative truth-telling on the show’s part. Reality shmeality.

What do you think: is Chris B telling the truth, and does that mean Chris H isn’t? Hit the comments with your best analysis of the story.

Source: TMZ

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