Credit: Adam Lind on Instagram    
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Teen Mom

Adam Lind’s Daughter Paislee Reaches Big Milestone — What Was It? (PHOTO)

Adam Lind is fresh out of jail after being arrested for driving with a revoked license on May 17 (keep livin' the dream, buddy!). It looks like this Teen Mom 2 dad is already back to doing what he does best...blinding us with his terrifying tattoos, making us swoon with his facial hair, and — oh yeah — hanging out with his gorgeous daughter, Paislee.

Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram    

While Adam and his newest baby mama, Taylor Halbur, are reportedly broken up, these two have been spending tons of time together with their sweet kiddo, and it looks like Adam loves chillin' with his mini-me. So, what did Adam and Paislee get up to once Adam returned from his trip to The Mother Ship (aka jail)? These two hit their local pool so Paislee could go swimming for the very first time. What a milestone!

In a photo Taylor posted to Instagram on May 20, Adam took his little girl for a swim in a pool, and it’s too much to handle. “Swimming for the first time,” Taylor wrote.

We know it's kind of hard to focus on Paislee with all of Adam's skull tattoos staring at you with their dead eyes, but this has to be one of the cutest photos of Adam and his little one ever taken. Look at Paislee's swimsuit, guys! It goes perfectly with Adam's finger tats! Then again, what doesn't.

Hopefully this guy will finally get his priorities straight and stop driving around without a license. We know it's hard for him to stop making proverbial love to his truck, but bridle your passions Adam.

Are you proud of Adam for spending time with his family as soon as he escaped the slammer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!