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Dancing With The Stars

The Chmerkovskiy Brothers Strip All the Way Down, Answer Personal Questions (VIDEO)

In a video interview with People, sexy Dancing With the Stars pro bros Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy stripped down all the way — to literally nothing but hats over, well, the one area you'd expect to be covered. And then they danced around. Yep, it's as awesome as you think.

They also opened up about each other, answering a series of questions about which brother is more likely to behave in certain ways. For example, "Who works out more?" Maks and Val agreed on that one, with Maks saying "me" and Val saying "him."

Don't worry, the questions got a lot juicier than that. For example, they also both agreed that Val had more girlfriends growing up, Maks choreographs more shirtless routines for Dancing With the Stars ("It's the best go to. When in doubt, take your shirt off"), and Val takes more selfies.

Oh, and get this: Even Maks admitted that Val, ehem, needs a bigger hat, if you would. Way to get personal!

One thing they disagreed on? Who's the bigger ladies man. Val replied, "I'm more of a relationship type of guy. He's more promiscuous." Maks's response to that? "Who's the biggest liar in this interview!"

"I'm more of a one woman man!" Val insisted, but Maks isn't buying it.

For much more from Maks and Val, check out the video below!

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