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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 5: “Grammy Don’t Play That” — Here’s What Went Down!

A new episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, (“Grammy Don't Play That”) aired last night and of course there was no shortage of laughs, with a bit of drama thrown in the mix. As Syleena Johnson struggles with her creativity, Monifah has a major breakthrough, and LaTavia Roberson moves forward in her life, without music.

Here’s what went down on Season 3, Episode 4, "Sing Like a Diva”:

Time for a celebration! Angie Stone’s birthday is coming up and her boyfriend/manager, Ashanti, is throwing her a big bash. He asks Angie is she can get the other divas to sing at the event, and Angie is hesitant at the idea. While she’d very much love it if all the ladies would attend and give a performance, she doesn’t want the ladies to think it’s an obligation they’ll later back out of. Feeling uncertain, Angie tells Ashanti she’ll ask, but she’s not going to expect them all to jump at the opportunity.

Grammy nominated or not? Syleena and Monifah run to KeKe Wyatt’s home to bask in the news that their compilation album with Faith Evans, R&B Divas, has been nominated for a Grammy. THough both Syleena and Monifah are ecstatic about it, KeKe has some concerns — especially since she learned only Faith was nominated and invited to attend the award show. Syleena, having been nominated as a featured artist before, assures KeKe that despite what she thinks, they are all nominated artists. With that, the ladies have a sober celebration of sparkling apple cider (since Monifah no longer drinks alcohol).

LaTavia’s moving forward. LaTavia learns that she’s been selected to be on the cover of Upscale magazine and she’s over the moon. She also learns that her previous stage work has paid off and she’s been offered a role in yet another production. With all the new projects coming up, however, LaTavia makes it clear that she’s not ready to do music. She’s not interested at all in the possibility of a single, or doing and album. Right now, she wants to revel in all her other non-musical endeavors.

Syleena has a block. Syleena meets with her girl Angie to confide that she has a terrible block and doesn’t know what to do. Angie tells Syleena that maybe it’s time for her to venture into the world and work with a songwriter, and Syleena’s a little reluctant because she wants the words to come from her own personal experiences. But after some thought, she decides to give it a try since she’s on a time crunch to produce several songs for a couple label negotiations.

At the same time, Angie asks Syleena if she would attend her birthday bash with the possibility of singing. Syleena tells Angie she would definitely come to show love at Angie’s birthday, but she wants to enjoy herself and not perform, and Angie is OK with it.

Wedding planning time! Monifah finally brings her wedding planner to meet with her fianceé, Terez, so that they can finalize a venue for their ceremony. The wedding planner tells the couple that she’s hit a snag with them getting married in the Caribbean, as several countries will allow a ceremony, but won’t legalize the marriage. As such, Terez says that she doesn’t want to get married anywhere that will not acknowledge the union as legal and binding. After a little talk, the ladies settle on getting married in Hawaii, where they’ll get a tropical feel and be legally wed.

Angie and Monifah get into it. The divas meet with Angie at a music studio, where Syleena reiterates that she, Monifah, and KeKe are Grammy-nominated singers for their compilation album, R&B Divas. Angie is happy, but when KeKe relays her previous conversation with Faith, she grows a little worried. Angie reminds the ladies that they would have to share the Grammy with Faith and former castmate, Nicci Gilbert, who has rubbed most of them the wrong way.

Monifah jumps in saying that she’s attending the Grammy Awards no matter what, as Angie interjects that most of the praise will be on Faith because of her work on the album and the show. Monifah rejects the notion that Faith’s attributions lessen her own contributions and asserts that she’s going to the Grammys come hell or high water. Angie does not like Monifah’s tone, and Monifah feels that Angie is trying to pit the ladies against Faith. The two have a spat in which they try to calm one another down, but are finally able to cool their heads enough to end the discussion on a calm note.

Switching the subject, Angie invites the divas to her birthday party and all the ladies agree to come except KeKe, who has a previous engagement. Angie tells the divas that she will be singing and would love them all to join her on stage, and LaTavia immediately says that she may not be up to it. The divas tell her that they understand, however, LaTavia is not sure how truthful they’re being with her.

Monifah receives several blessings. Over dinner, Monifah tells Terez about the events of the other day with Angie, when Monifah and Terez’s moms knock on their door. The mommies join their daughters and Terez takes the opportunity to ask for their blessings on her union with Monifah. Terez’s mom immediately gives her blessing, while Monifah’s mom prefaces hers by saying that she was raised to not accept homosexuality. However, being that marriage to Terez is what makes her daughter happy, she’s all for it. The moms also agree to walk both Terez and Mo down the aisle at their destination wedding.

It’s Angie birthday! Angie’s birthday party is in full swing and divas Monifah, Syleena, and Meelah Williams show up, with LaTavia noticeably absent. Angie’s not pleased that LaTavia isn’t present, but the night goes on as planned. Finally, LaTavia shows up and Syleena instantly detects that something is “not right” with her. Angie sees LaTavia and is annoyed, but keeps reserved during the festivities.

As the party comes to a close, Angie takes the stage to sing, and coyly asks LaTavia to come up on stage with her to sing something. LaTavia claims that she has laryngitis, though Angie’s not buying it — especially since she was able to yell she was sick to Angie on stage. Syleena hears LaTavia’s excuse and isn’t impressed either. Angie, however, presses on and asks Syleena to join her. Falling into the trap, Syleena does her thing on stage, followed by Monifah. By the end of the night, all of the divas are on stage with Angie and her musically accomplished guests, except LaTavia who is seated and crying.

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