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Ariana Grande

Nathan Sykes Has Moved on From Ariana Grande: “I’ve Got a New Girl in My Life” (PHOTO)

Sorry Nariana fans, but it doesn’t look like Ariana Grande and The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes are getting back together anytime soon. The couple, who split around the end of 2013, have both appeared to move on since — and they’re not looking back. But while Ari has reunited with former boyfriend Jai Brooks, we had to wonder who Nathan’s taking up with these days…

Credit: Nathan Sykes on Instagram    

The boy bander answered our question when he took to Instagram this week to share a shot of himself and the “new girl” in his life. But don’t get too jealous, it’s just his adorable new pup Minnie!

“I've got a new girl in my life ☺️she's called Minnie and is the cutest thing on the planet ❤️,” Nathan captions the shot.

Aww! So technically Nate may not have a new girlfriend, per say, but we’re glad to see he’s got himself an adorable companion. We can’t wait to see more of her! Plus, he could probably use the affection, as it can’t feel good to see your pop star ex posting gushy tweets and Instagrams of her (old) new man.

Stay strong, Nathan! Now’s the time to just do you.

What do you think of Nathan’s new furry friend? Sound off in the comments below.