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Teen Mom

Nathan Griffith Shows Off His Muscles — See What He Looks Like Now! (PHOTO)

Its a well-established fact that Nathan Griffith is 50 shades of smoking hot, but it looks like he's taken his workout routine up a notch in preparation for banana hammock season!

This dude has been making ladies swoon since he started dating Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans about a year ago, and his favorite hobby (other than going to the gym / shaving around his chintee) seems to be taking shirtless selfies of his sexy bod. Fair 'nuff.

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    

We've seen so many shirtless photos of Nathan over the past year that we've taken to wearing protective shades whenever we stumble upon his Twitter feed, but the latest takes the cake.

Check out this picture of Nathan's rippling back and abdominal muscles, which Jenelle gifted us on Twitter with the caption, "#NoFilter needed. Good god, my man is to die for."

Honestly, we didn't even know there were so many muscles in the human body. Nathan's back is just so lumpy! Of course, the best part of this photo is the fact that Nathan's wearing a neon yellow baseball hat with matching neon yellow undies. Whatever makes you happy, friend!

What do you think of Nathan's shirtless selfies? Head to the comments and let us know! Sigh, Jenelle sure is one lucky lady...