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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 6 — Here’s What Went Down!

A new episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, (“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”) aired last night and it seemed like the divas have had enough of new girl LaTavia Roberson’s non-singing antics. Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt, and Monifah learn that they’re not Grammy Award nominees, and Meelah Williams struggles to keep herself together when her awareness concert falls apart.

Here’s what went down on Season 3, Episode 6, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”:

LaTavia seeks out some guidance. LaTavia meets with well-known record producer Jazze Pha in hopes of getting a little help for her set for the divas’ one-night-only concert. Jazze grills LaTavia on her progression in the music world, and she admits she hasn’t sung in 13 years, pursued vocal lessons, or written any new material. Jazze tells LaTavia that it seems like she really doesn’t want to do anything musically, which shocks her, since she expected his response to be more sympathetic. When LaTavia tells Jazze that’s she more focused on becoming an entrepreneur, he advises her to find her focus first.

Meelah takes her son to therapy. Meelah takes her 4-year-old autistic son, Zack, to therapy to help refine his motor skills and speech. Meelah reveals that Zachariah doesn’t communicate as much and at times it becomes frustrating having to constantly figure out what he needs. At therapy, Zachariah draws a blank when one of the therapists asks him a question, which worries Meelah. However, his teachers assure her that he’s making good progress.

Syleena dares to impress. With six new songs under her belt, Syleena meets with Wayne Williams hoping at least one of them will be good enough to present to record label execs. Wayne tells Syleena he thinks some of her songs definitely have potential to impress and says he’ll set up meetings with a few labels to see what they have to offer. He also lets her know that his new label is still on the table, but he won’t expect an answer from her until she’s done checking her options. Syleena hears the pressure in Wayne’s voice, but understands that this a choice she can not make lightly.

Monifah makes wedding plans. Monifah and her fianceé, Terez, are knee deep in wedding plans and Terez asks Monifah if she’s decided who she’ll be inviting to the wedding. Monifah says she hasn’t, and her lady love tells her to make sure whomever attends has a good vibe and energy, because she refuses to have drama on their big day.

LaTavia’s still not ready. Divas Monifah, Syleena, LaTavia, Meelah, and KeKe meet to organize their one-night only concert. As the ladies go around the room to discuss their music choices, LaTavia drops the bomb that she doesn’t have a song to sing. KeKe is not pleased, and Monifah becomes physically irritated when LaTavia says she heard a voice tell her to not go on stage. LaTavia gets really emotional about not being comfortable singing, while the rest of the divas look on in disbelief. Ultimately, LaTavia tells the ladies she’ll do what she can to help, but singing’s not an option.

During this meeting, KeKe’s manager, Tara, comes in with news about the Grammy-nominated compilation Monifah, KeKe, and Syleena worked on with Faith Evans. Tara tells the divas that, due to new record academy guidelines, the nomination will only go to the artist who is on 51 percent of the album… which is Faith.

Syleena is beyond upset — especially since she wrote the song she recorded for the album. KeKe is sad to see that she’s not a Grammy-nominated artist, as is Monifah. Syleena starts to question whether or not Faith knew about these new regulations — since she’s a part of the record academy — and if she knowingly coaxed the divas into an album they would not get credit for. After a moment of venting, the divas decide to put their frustration behind them and press on with the concert in L.A. after the Grammy Awards, as scheduled.

Meelah plans an Autism Awareness event. Meelah meets with her manager Cory to discuss wanting to do more outside of music. She’s recently founded an organization called P.R.O.U.D — Parents Reaching Out to Understand Developmental Delays — and wants Cory to help her organize a concert to raise awareness for autism. She also says she’d love for the divas to perform, but she’s not sure they will since they were pretty reluctant to sing for Angie’s party.

Monifah goes dress shopping. Though she hasn’t officially invited them to her wedding, Monifah invites the divas to accompany her as she looks for her gown. As the women critique all of the dresses Mo tries on, it dawns on KeKe that she hasn’t been invited yet. KeKe’s nervous because she’d really like to go, but knows there’s a chance she won’t be invited because of her recent tiff with Mo.

As Monifah’s dress hunt comes to a close, Meelah says what everyone is thinking and asks if the divas are invited to the wedding. While Monifah notes that she did have her issues with KeKe, she would like it if all the ladies attended the celebration in Hawaii.

Meelah opens up with KeKe. Meelah takes Zack over to KeKe’s place so that he can socializing with KeKe’s kids. While there, Meelah opens up about her living situation with her son’s father, Musiq Soulchild. Meelah reveals that while they do live together, they are not a couple and it’s distressing to her that she lives with a constant reminder of their failed relationship. KeKe sympathizes, saying she went through the same ordeal with her ex-husband. Meelah doesn’t exactly answer when KeKe asks if the two have separate rooms, but reveals that that they don’t have a sexual relationship.

Meelah invites KeKe to her autism awareness event, and KeKe agrees to attend and perform, so long as Meelah has everything in order. This makes Meelah realize she’s not as prepared for her event as she thought.

Syleena brings in reinforcements. Syleena enlists Da Brat’s help tinkering with a couple tracks she’s recorded. After Da Brat lays down some vocals on one of Syleena’s records, the two talk about the progress of the divas’ one-night only concert. Syleena confides that she’s ready to start rehearsing for the big event, but she’s concerned about LaTavia, who she thinks won’t acknowledge and get past her fears about singing again.

Meelah’s event goes off without a hitch? It’s the night of Meelah’s event and it’s not looking good. Between technical problems and the crowd refusing to engage, Meelah’s pretty anxious. At one point, she asks if any of the divas would be willing to sing on stage, and all — especially LaTavia — are not moved to perform.

Finally, after much consideration, KeKe volunteers as tribute and decides to work her vocals for the cause. However, when KeKe gets on stage, there’s yet another problem with the equipment. Trying to lighten the mood, KeKe tells a joke, then decides to sing a gospel song a capella.

As KeKe starts the sing, the band gets their instruments to work and they join her mid-song. The audience finally starts to warm up and after KeKe’s set, and Angie Stone hops on stage to perform a rendition of “All Falls Down” with Syleena. As Syleena sings her Grammy-nominated chorus, Angie shocks the divas with her emcee skills and Meelah is beyond happy that the divas were there to save the day.

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

05.29.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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