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Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks’s Sons Dylan and Ayden Are Getting So Big — See Them Now! (PHOTO)

Wow! It feels like Phaedra Parks was just pregnant with her firstborn, Ayden, not that long ago, but not only is he all grown up, so is his little brother, Dylan! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted a photo of her sons from a recent airport adventure.

Credit: Phaedra Parks on Instagram    

Phaedra took to Instagram to share the picture, along with some advice for mommies traveling with infants.

"My best mommy tip for traveling with an infant: @joovy Tricycoo ... #functionaltrike #stylish thanks @scoutmasterson @thebillhorn 4 introducing us … ❤️ #joovy," she wrote next to the photo.

The boys are wearing matching outfits and they could not be any cuter.

Ayden, who is 4 years old now, is incredibly tall for his age. He actually comes up to Phaedra's waist, believe it or not. And, get a load of the shoes he's wearing! Clearly, Ayden takes after his father, Apollo Nida, because we know he didn't get his height from petite Phaedra.

We can't see too much of Dylan, as the picture was taken from behind, but Mr. President is huge for a 1 year old! The little guy just had his first birthday on May 8.

And, speaking of "behinds," Phaedra looks super toned in the photo. Dressed in normally unforgiving all-white, Phaedra shows off a tiny waist and her signature best asset: her donkey booty!

Kudos to the busy mama for daring to travel with two small children — and looking good while she's at it!

Are you surprised by how big her boys have gotten? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!