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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Wants Maria Menounos to Replace Erin Andrews As Co-Host? Not So Fast…

The Dancing With the Stars co-host job is starting to sound like the Defense Against the Dark Arts post at Hogwarts. It may be cursed.

Erin Andrews, a Season 10 Finalist, replaced Brooke Burke-Charvet in Season 18, marking the show’s fourth co-host. Erin was met with mixed reviews, with many fans voicing their anger about Brooke’s replacement (despite Brooke being bashed just about every week when she was co-host).

Well, now the tabloids are out in force, saying Erin may be replaced in the fall Season 19.

Life & Style went first, saying Erin may be sent packing. In Touch is now upping the ante, saying DWTS is talking to Season 14’s Maria Menounos as a potential replacement. “They really want [Maria] to co-host the show,” In Touch’s source said. “Erin was a total diva and didn't get along with anyone. No one liked her — which is why they really want Maria."


Oh, really?

Gossip Cop talked to a source close to Maria, who said the In Touch report is “not true.” Gossip Cop also talked to an ABC spokesperson, who said there are currently no plans to replace Erin.

These Erin “diva” rumors are tired, and the cast and Tom Bergeron have defended her. Even if it were true that DWTS was looking to replace her, would Maria be an improvement? (Do you remember her laugh?) Erin did a good job in her first season, which put her in a tough position. People complained about Brooke being boring and only asking contestants how they feel, but they also complained when Erin got lively and asked contestants about any number of things.

Fans are going to find fault no matter what — even though the Skybox job isn’t exactly air traffic control — but if the complaints keep up, DWTS might just punish us all by hiring Andy Dick or Bristol Palin as co-host. Don’t tempt them!

Do you think ABC should keep Erin as co-host? If not, who should fill the role, or should they change it completely?

Source: Gossip Cop