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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey Used to Have Buck Teeth — See Her Transformation! (PHOTO)

The world may know Cynthia Bailey as a stunning model and mom, but it seems as though even she wasn't immune from the curse of the awkward phase.

Credit: Instagram    

On Thursday, May 29, Cynthia revealed to her Instagram followers that she hasn’t always had the good looks and poise she currently possesses.

Cynthia posted a photo of herself as a kid for Throwback Thursday, and it’s clear that a whole lot has changed over the years for the 46-year-old stunner.

Cynthia is still cute as a button in the photo, with her curly hair, slightly pronounced teeth, and sporty style, but she’s quick to admit that this wasn’t exactly the best look for her — and that she’s more than a little embarrassed to show it off to the world.

“Throw Back Thursday. I was scared to post this one!” wrote the Real Housewives of Atlanta star. “This was during my hot mess phase. Told y'all I used to have buck teeth! Can we get into the hair though?#speechless.”

While we think Cynthia looks great either way, it definitely makes us feel a little better to know that even the most gorgeous women still have to work for it!

Are you surprised by how much Cynthia has transformed over the years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Source: Instagram