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Melissa Joan Hart’s Youngest Son as Woody From Toy Story — Too Cute! (PHOTO)

Melissa Joan Hart may always be Sabrina the Teenage Witch to us but she’s a long ways from her broomstick days! The actress who also brought us Clarissa Explains It All is now 38 and a mother of three. What are her trio of cuties up to these days anyway? Breaking hearts in costume, that’s what!

Melissa, who married musician hubby Mark Wilkerson in 2003, shared a photo on June 2 of one of her cuties fooling around in his Pixar pajamas. We warn you: This is cute to the max!

Credit: Melissa Joan Hart on Instagram    

“Someday thinks he’s Cowboy Woody but he’s squishing Bullseye! #PoorPony #ToyStory #momofboys #cowboy,” Mama Melissa captioned the snapshot of her tiny tot in Woody onesie sitting on top of a stuffed Bullseye (the main character’s trusty steed, for those in the audience who need to go rewatch Toy Story 2).

As for who the little cowboy is, that’s Melissa and Mark’s youngest: Tucker McFadden. Born in September 2012, Tucker has two older brothers, 8-year-old Mason Walter and 6-year-old Braydon Hart. We wonder who gets to play Buzz Lightyear!

How cute is Tucker? Can you believe the Teenage Witch has three sons and none of them are named Harvey? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Melissa Joan Hart on Instagram

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