Credit: Jenelle Evans on Twitter    
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Jenelle Evans

What Did Nathan Griffith Give Jenelle Evans For Their Anniversary? (PHOTO)

Please pop "Looks Like We've Made It" into your CD player, because Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith and Jenelle Evans recently celebrated their one year anniversary. That's right, gang, these crazy kids have been locking lips for twelve whole months, and they definitely honored the occasion in style!

Credit: Jenelle Evans on Facebook    

Jenelle and Nathan have a history of buying each other extravagant surprises, but Nathan really went all-out for his one-year anniversary with Jenelle. This dude got his baby mama not one, not two, but three gifts to prove his love, and luckily Jenelle shared photos of her sweet treats with fans.

First up, Nathan purchased Jenelle a sexy pink Michael Kors dress, which we assume she'll stretch out with her giant pregnant belly. Next, he made her a picture frame with a map of their first date in Oak Island, which is basically the sweetest gift in the history of ever.

"Had a fantastic dinner in my new MK dress also from Nathan," Jenelle shared along with a photo of her new swag. "He also made that picture frame where we first met."

So, what was Jenelle's final gift? A gorgeous charm bracelet! "Happy Anniversary charms from [Nathan]," she tweeted. "Happy Anniversary, Turtle, and Infinity sign."

Wow, Nathan, we have to hand it to you — these are amazing gifts! And while Jenelle loves her charm bracelet and dress, she seems most taken by Nathan's craft project. "See the meaning behind the picture frame," she shared on Facebook.

"We met at my moms then went to the pier on Oak Island and it was raining all the way there then it stopped when we arrive and the sun came out and there was a double rainbow." Sigh, Nathan. Slow clapping in your general direction, buddy.

Are you impressed by Nathan's sweet anniversary gifts for Jenelle? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Jenelle Evans on Facebook