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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 7 — Here’s What Went Down!

Quite a lot went down in the latest episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3. The episode put the spotlight on KeKe Wyatt revamping her solo music career with a new song, Syleena Johnson’s reveal of Angie Stone’s betrayal, Monifah losing her cool with Angie, and LaTavia Roberson making an attempt to find her voice.

Here’s what went down on Season 3, Episode 7, “Can I Just Be KeKe?”:

1. Angie pushes LaTavia to the breaking point. Hitting the studio for rehearsal, divas KeKe, Monifah, Syleena, and Meelah Williams are pleasantly surprised to find Angie already there hitting the keyboard. Immediately Angie tells the ladies that she wants to work on LaTavia’s music, since she’s the only diva without a game plan for the one-night only concert. LaTavia breaks the news to Angie that she had already told the rest of the divas that she no longer wants to sing, and Angie is not having any of it.

Angie tells LaTavia that by not singing, she’s making the other divas look bad on what should’ve been a night filled with everyone’s soulful presentations. The other divas — particularly Monifah — tells Angie to stop pressuring LaTavia to sing, if she clearly doesn’t want to. Angie, not satisfied with LaTavia’s decision, continues to press the situation and tells the other divas that they are enabling LaTavia’s fear instead of helping her overcome it. At this point, LaTavia is annoyed by all the fuss that is being made about her, especially since she no longer wants to talk about it, and decides that it’s time to leave.

2. KeKe works on country music. KeKe hits the recording story to lay down some vocals for her new song, “You.” KeKe and her husband, Michael, are in love with the song, but KeKe has some concerns, since the song is very country-inspired. While KeKe is a country girl from Indiana, she’s worried that her fans will not like her new sound, as they are used to her more urban/R&B music. She’s also concerned that she may get flack for being a person of color singing country-esque music. Both Michael and KeKe’s producer tell her that she’s making a good call with the song, and she’s going to be loved for taking her music in a different direction.

In a move to debut her new song and promote her upcoming EP, KeKe decides to launch a fan appreciation concert, in which fans across Atlanta can come and hear the diva sing. KeKe joins the hosts on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to round up fans to the appreciation concert, but ends up causing the hosts to laugh so much over her foolish antics that Rickey Smiley puts her on time out! But after all the silly behavior was put aside, KeKe got a chance to spread the word on her concert and hoped that enough fans were hearing it.

4. Syleena drops some startling news about Angie. Syleena meets up with Monifah because she’s gotten some startling news about Angie that she can no longer hold inside. Turns out, Syleena’s sister, Sylecia, found a European tour that she thought would’ve worked well for both Angie and Syleena. Syleena tells Monifah that Angie backed out of the tour because she felt that it wasn’t paying enough for the amount of work they would have to put into it and both ladies say no to the tour. However, months later when Syleena checks on the tour site, she sees that Angie has booked the same Eurotour and now will have all the spoils to herself.

Monifah is livid by the epic selfishness of Angie’s actions, and admits to Syleena this is precisely why she has yet to invite Angie to her Hawaii wedding — she finds Angie’s negative energy off-putting, and this latest incident proves that she’s not the warm, sisterly person she portrays herself to be.

5. Monifah tries to comfort LaTavia. Later on, Monifah invites LaTavia to her recording studio to not only apologize for Angie’s insensitive rants about her not wanting to sing. Instead, Monifah tells LaTavia that if she doesn’t want to sing, she doesn’t have to, but she would really like to see LaTavia at least try to write a song again. LaTavia is reluctant to try anything now, as Angie has basically told her that she’s damned if she doesn’t sing, and LaTavia thinks she’s damned if she does. Monifah takes the damned if you do, damned if you don’t idea and freestyles a song on the spot. LaTavia likes the song and concept, but she’s not comfortable with trying to write a new song with the one-night only concert drawing near. LaTavia, instead, says she’ll consider to do a cover of a song she loves.

6. KeKe cracks under pressure. Michael books a huge hall for KeKe’s fan appreciation concert, and on the night of the event, KeKe is beyond nervous. When the singer takes the stage, she begins to act her usual, goofy self, which at first serves as a form of comedy, but later grows tiresome.

When fans realize that KeKe’s talking more than she’s singing, they begin to heckle her, and some even boo, or walk out. When KeKe’s anxiety takes over, Monifah hands the singer a bottle of water, and pushes her to sing her song. Finally, KeKe sings her new song, “You” and receives an overwhelming amount of positive responses from the audience. KeKe then breaks down in tears, as she tells the crowd she was scared that they all wouldn’t like her new sound.

7. LaTavia takes vocal lessons. In an attempt to prepare herself for possibly singing during the one-night only concert, LaTavia decides to meet with a vocal coach. Meelah comes along for moral support, but LaTavia has trouble getting the notes out. When the coach pushes LaTavia, she continues to find fault with her singing, but the vocal coach encourages her to continue working on it.

When LaTavia’s coach tells her she needs to come back and continually work on her voice, the singer looks reluctant and isn’t sure if she even wants to continue working on getting her voice back.

8. Monifah blows her lid, Syleena follows. All six divas attend another rehearsal session for the one-night only show, and Angie comes prepared with a song she wants all the divas to sing on. As Angie plays the song, it’s revealed to be a song about sisterhood and friendship — something Angie thinks is in line with what the divas are about. However, as Angie plays the song, both Monifah and Syleena aren’t impressed, and think it’s pretty hypocritical of Angie to play a song about sisterhood, after she pulled her Eurotour stunt on Syleena.

Monifah is first to voice her opinions, telling Angie that when she looks at the singer, she reads “unauthentic.” Monifah goes on the say that she’s starting to get a bad vibe from Angie and she doesn’t think that Angie is all that she wants everyone to believe she is. Angie is hurt and startled by Monifah’s accusations, saying that she’s the “realest” person that anyone will ever get to meet, and that there’s nothing “unauthentic” about her.

At this time, Syleena has been stewing in her seat, trying to control her anger to avoid any kind of blow out. Finally, Syleena stands up, saying that she has to go home because the situation is getting tense and she doesn’t want to spend another minute getting more upset. Before leaving, however, Syleena says that she’s finally getting to see people for who they truly are, and because of that, she’s refusing to sit with people who won’t take accountability for their actions.

Divas KeKe, Meelah, and LaTavia are all out of the loop, and watch on confused. Finally, KeKe asks what’s going on, and Syleena assures her friend that it’s not something she would like to bring up at the time. With that, Syleena leaves and the rest of the divas are dazed and confused.

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

06.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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