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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Has Been the Most Fun to Shoot (So Far), Says THIS Star

There’s always a lot of hype before a new season of The Walking Dead, but we may be more pumped for Season 5 than any past premiere.

Part of the anticipation comes naturally from the cliffhangers — we need answers on Beth, Carol, Tyreese, Terminus, and where the survivors go from here. Another part comes from cast and crew teases. It’s their job to talk up the new season, but the excitement for S5 is just infectious. We’ve been promised a very different first eight episodes than the last eight episodes, with a lot more action in the first half of Season 5 than the second half of Season 4.

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Greg Nicotero, who directed Season 5, Episode 1, just said making the premiere was like filming a movie in nine days; there was so much scope and story it almost killed him. Bad for him, awesome for us!

On that note, though, Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) has been answering more questions on TWD (and his personal life) on, and one fan asked him what season of The Walking Dead was the most fun to shoot. He answered, "season 5 lol." Nice! They should only be up to Episode 3 by now, out of 16 total, but they've already put in a ton of work.

Chandler recently said Season 3, Episode 4 was his hardest scene to shoot (Lori’s death) and he mourned his TV mom’s passing the most. But it’s a good sign to hear that he’s having fun shooting this new season. Everything we’ve heard so far sounds exciting and surprising — and even if only half of it turns out to be true, it should still be good!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.