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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Fans Upset After Canceled Comic Con Q&A — Chandler Riggs Explains

The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs (Carl Grimes) is pretty devoted to his fans. All you have to do is check out his page to see how much time he spends answering every imaginable question. However, some fans were left disappointed this past weekend after a promised Q&A session with the actor was abruptly canceled.

Chandler was a guest at Niagara Falls Comic Con, and shared a note on Facebook to promote the event. After the event, fans commented on the F-book post to share their frustration, writing things like "thanks for not showing up at the Q&A" and "Why was your Q&A cancelled???" Chandler replied to clarify: "AMC will not let me do Q & As at all unless AMC is running it. The comic cons schedule without asking first!" To another fan, he wrote, "AMC won't let me do them- it's been like that for years!"

So this is something AMC wants to control, and maybe conventions jump the gun and assume he'll do a Q&A?

Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Over on Spoil the Dead, a fan who was at the event shared his experience:

"I was there yesterday, and this is true. The story given to us was that 'within the hour' previous to his Q&A, AMC contacted them and pulled the plug, citing potential contractual issues. We were told point blank that if it meant a $100,000 fine or 100,000 unhappy fans, they'd have to hope the fans understood and not go through with it. To the people who stayed behind to complain (mostly parents of crying teenage girls), they were told if they came back this morning first thing, they would 'make it right'. I wasn't going back today, so not sure how this would be done. Interestingly, back on the autograph signing floor, within 20 minutes of this announcement, Chandler (who had easily the longest lineup of people of all the celebrities there), wrapped up signing and disappeared to the back."

There’s only so much Chandler, who is only 14, can control, but you have to feel sorry for the fans who waited so long to hear from him.

You never can tell what will change at these events, and this is far from the first celeb appearance to be canceled, in part or in whole. A lot of fans are feeling similar frustration about Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) having to cancel his upcoming appearance at Boston Walker Stalker Con. People pay serious money for these things. But celebs’s schedules change, stuff comes up, AMC jumps in, etc. It’s safest to just hope for the best but plan for the worst!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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