Credit: Taylor Halbur on Twitter    
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Teen Mom

Taylor Halbur Is Not Enjoying Sharing Custody with Adam Lind

Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind are star-crossed lovers who stand the test of time, by which we mean they break up with each other every five seconds. Whether it's thanks to Taylor's alleged partying, or Adam's inability to go five minutes without being arrested, these lovebirds are in a constant state of angst, and it looks like their relationship is officially dunzo. Well, for now.

Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram    

The problem is that Taylor and Adam recently welcomed a gorgeous daughter named Paislee into the world, and they both want to see their little lady as much as possible. You know what that means, y'all: joint custody.

While it looks like Paislee lives with her momma full-time, this cherubic bundle of joy spends the occasional evening with her pops, and Taylor misses her like crazy. "Missing my baby girl a lot right about now," she posted to Instagram along with a photo of Paislee. "Cannot wait to get her back tomorrow. Lots of snuggles coming her way."

Sounds like Taylor is having a hard time with her custody arrangement, but she's definitely making an effort for the sake of her kiddo. In fact, Taylor even facilitated a bonding session between Paislee and her big sister Aubree, aka Adam's first daughter with Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska. Not only did she share a picture of Aubs and Paislee hanging, she confirmed that she and Adam are not back together in the photo's comments section!

Can you believe how mature Taylor is? We're sure it's hard for this gal to be the bigger person, but she's clearly all about putting Paislee's needs first. Best. Mom. Ever!