Credit: Amber Portwood on Twitter    
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Amber Portwood’s Daughter Leah Shirley Loses Her First Set of Teeth! (PHOTO)

It's time for the Tooth Fairy to take her first trip down to Indiana, y'all, because — yep, you guessed it — all of Amber Portwood's teeth have fallen out. Just kidding! However, her kiddo, Leah Shirley, just lost her very first set of pearly whites!

Credit: Gary Shirley on Twitter    

This is a huge milestone for any little kid, and Leah's dad, Gary Shirley, took to Twitter to share the big news with friends and fans. "This is my princess! [Leah] losing her teeth," Gary tweeted along with a photo of Leah cheesing for the camera. "Ugh."

From the looks of this picture, Leah has lost not one, but two teeth, which means she's in for an extra awesome present from The Tooth Fairy. Home girl better not get skimped on the dollars, that's all we're saying (you listening, Gary?).

In other news, it sounds like Gary is feeling pretty sad about his mini-me growing up. This lovable pops has raised Leah all on his lonesome for the last couple years thanks to Amber being in jail, and clearly he's feeling nostalgic about her childhood.

We recommend that this dude drown his sorrows in some farm-raised organic watermelons from his personal patch. To quote Gary himself, "I'm a free spirit. I tweet whatever I want I feel a connection with the earth therefore I am. I'm just another plant on Gods earth." Yes, Gary. Yas.

Can you believe how quickly Leah is growing up? Let us know below!