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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: 10 WTF Moments From Season 3, Episode 7, “The Past, My Ass”

The drama train definitely pulled into the station on last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, Episode 7, “The Past, My Ass.” Stevie J. and Benzino kicked off the grand opening of their joint venture, Sleazy & Zino Bistro and Bar, Althea Heart’s past is the topic of several conversations, and Waka Flocka Flame deals with family tragedy. And that was the just the beginning.

So, what were our WTF moments this week? Check them out below!

1. Benzino wants to get married. Stevie J. and Benzino go over the space at their new attraction, Sleazy & Zino Bistro and Bar, in preparation for its grand opening. With their respective women, Joseline Hernandez and Althea, in tow, the men talk business. When the ladies walk off, Benzino drops a bomb on Stevie saying he wants to propose to Althea in a couple of weeks. Stevie thinks it’s still too soon to make such a big leap forward, but Benzino says that he believes Althea is the one.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bar, Althea and Joseline have a chat about exes. Joseline warns Althea to keep an eye on Benzino’s ex, Karlie Redd, and when Stevie’s ex, Mimi Faust, comes into the picture, Althea reveals she used to date Mimi’s current boyfriend, Nikko. Joseline is immediately intrigued, but not surprised, saying she “heard” Althea “gets around.”

2. Waka Flocka Flame’s family handles loss. During filming of the show, Waka’s brother, Caodes “KayO Redd” Scott, committed suicide. Deb Antney, Waka’s mom, is still reeling from the loss of her youngest son, and Waka is very reluctant to talk about it. In recounting the events before KayO’s death, Deb recalls her son had started to go blind and lost his sense of self. She even recalled a moment where her son told her he was planning his funeral; however, she took it as a morbid joke since he was back to his jovial self later on. Tammy Rivera, Waka’s fianceé, comes over to help the two during this difficult time, but Waka walks off not wanting any part of the conversation. After a while, Tammy leaves the room as a thunderstorm is making the ominous mood too dark for her to handle. Deb, left alone, believes her deceased son’s spirit is still with her.

3. Kirk Frost gets the lowdown to Karlie’s relationship. Karlie, and Kirk attend one of Yung Joc’s music showcases, and while there, Kirk approaches Karlie to ask how things are going between her and her new man. Karlie and Yung are still working on rebuilding their relationship, but she tells Kirk that she’s fine. Kirk then tells Karlie that her ex, Benzino, has also found new love. Karlie tells Kirk that she has to admit she misses Benzino’s cooking and attentive nature. Kirk tells Karlie that he sees a glow in her face when she talks about Zino, and she says that there will always be a soft spot in her heart for him. Kirk lets Karlie in on the grand opening of Sleazy & Zino Bistro and Bar and Karlie says she will be there to support her former flame.

4. Lil Scrappy tells Momma Dee to back off. Momma Dee calls Lil Scrappy to a dealership, saying her son should buy her a new ride for all the drama his females have put her through. This is when Lil Scrappy tells her mother that she has no right to be in any of his business, and she needs to know when to admit when she’s wrong and butt out. Momma Dee says she’s not going to apologize, but in a turn of events, Lil Scrappy tells his mom that his time apart from Bambi and Erica Pinkett made him realize that he might not be ready for a relationship with Bambi. Momma Dee agrees. Lil Scrappy tells his mom he’s planning on breaking up with Bambi, but he’ll do it in his own time. Meanwhile, he makes a bet with Momma Dee: If she stays out of his business, he’ll buy her a new ride. Momma makes the deal.

5. Sleazy & Zino Bistro and Bar grand opening. All of Atlanta comes out to the grand opening of the new establishment and trouble starts to brew when Karlie and Erica Dixon meet Althea for the first time. Althea asks Karlie if she’s missing Benzino’s “d” and Karlie tells her that’s a lie. Benzino jumps in the conversation saying he heard about Karlie missing the “d” from Kirk. When Kirk is called over to clear thing up, he says he relayed Karlie was missing Benzino’s presence, not the sex. This is when Karlie tells Althea she doesn’t have to miss Benzino’s bedroom antics because he’s the one missing out. Althea continues to talk and when Karlie gives her a warning, Althea throws her drink on Karlie. Karlie in turn throws a drink right back at her and security steps in. When Benzino has security escort Karlie out of the club, Erica Dixon corners Benzino on his behavior. This is when Althea jumps in to throw yet another drink on Erica and before Erica could do any damage, security removes her from the club.

When word comes back to Stevie J. and Joseline, who are both hanging out in the V.I.P. section, Joseline tries to figure out what’s going on, but gets swept up in the crowd. When Joseline finally hears that it all started with Althea throwing drinks, she’s not surprised — nor is she pleased.

6. Lil Scrappy tries to talk with Bambi. Scrappy meets up with Bambi to talk the status of their relationship. During their conversation, Bambi gives Scrappy her account of the little melee she had with Erica P. at the meeting his mother called. Bambi tells Scrap that she’s over the entire situation and hasn’t ever been in a relationship with a man controlled by his mother. Lil Scrappy says that his mother has nothing to do with their relationship, but Bambi’s controlling nature isn’t something that he’s OK with. This is when Bambi becomes irate and tells Scrappy that he needs to leave her alone. As he leaves, Bambi tells Scrappy that he’ll never find another woman who has treated him as good as she has.

7. Mimi and Nikko’s anniversary party gets racy. The night has finally come for Mimi and Nikko’s one-year anniversary party. Mimi is nervous as this is the couple’s first public appearance since the photos of their sex tape “leaked” online. Mimi’s new ally and party planner, Dawn, makes the announcement that Mimi and Nikko are Atlanta’s newest adult entertainment couple, and Mimi’s not happy. Things only get stickier when Nikko takes the stage to hype up the couple’s sexy tape.

As Althea gets ready to head out to Mimi and Nikko’s party, Benzino is pretty anxious to go. Even though Benzino promised Dawn he would cover the event for Hip Hop Weekly, he tells Althea that he’s not going because he doesn’t want to deal with Nikko (who dated Althea in high school), Mimi, and their messy tape situation. Althea’s upset that Benzino won’t go to the party especially since she had to deal with his ex Karlie at the grand opening.

Back at the anniversary party, Dawn tells Mimi that Benzino is unable to make the event. When the subject of Benzino’s new woman comes up, Nikko immediately jumps in to call Althea his leftovers. To add insult to injury, Nikko goes on to say that Althea also slept with Stevie J. before getting with Benzino. Both Erica D. and Dawn are shocked as they listen to Mimi recall going to pick up Eva, her daughter with Stevie, from Stevie’s place and seeing both Stevie and Althea half-naked. But it doesn’t stop there. Nikko continues to dish the dirt that Althea, an aspiring singer, “blew up” his phone several times, prompting him to believe she wanted to work on more than just music with him. Mimi is also hearing about this bit of news for the first time, and she’s caught off guard by Nikko being in contact with Althea; however, she shrugs it off and the four go back to enjoying the party.

8. Joseline gets dirty with Karlie. Joseline meets up with Karlie to talk about the little squabble at Sleazy & Zino’s and Karlie tells Joseline that she didn’t want to start any trouble until Althea started showing her true colors. Joseline is shocked to learn that not only did Althea throw shade Karlie’s way, but a drink, too. Joseline then gives Karlie the dirt that Althea and Nikko used to sleep around. Joseline tells Karlie that she suspected Althea wasn’t all that she says she is, but that she won’t be the person to let Benzino know.

Later on, the two talk about Karlie’s Gucci bag hitting Yung Joc’s friend, Khadiyah, and Joseline’s in ability to trust any man — including Steebie. Joseline then tells Karlie she just might give Stevie’s phone a quick sweep to see what he’s been up to.

9. Deb goes on a crusade. Still dealing with the death of her son, Deb goes on-air during a radio show to promote No RIP, No Reckless Internet Posting, a movement she started that aims at reducing cyber bullying. Deb says KayO spent a lot of time defending his family on the internet from people making bogus claims. Deb asks people post the No RIP banner on their site as a pledge of being against internet bullying. During the broadcast, Deb has an emotional breakdown, but both she and Tammy hold it together to take calls.

10. Joseline turns the tables on Stevie. At dinner, Stevie starts talking to Joseline about plans for their big white wedding, but Joseline tells Stevie she needs to know if he’s ready to stay married or get a divorce. Stevie is completely caught off guard, but Joseline brings him up to speed saying she’s been through his phone and seen things she’s not happy with. Joseline then takes her wedding band off her finger and tells Stevie he can have it if he’s not going to respect their marriage. Stevie tells Joseline she’s being paranoid and jealous, but Joseline tells him she has every reason to be. Stevie says Joseline is going to lose her husband over her behavior, and that her life will go down the drain without him.

As their argument continues, Stevie tells Joseline he should look into getting his own place, while Joseline tells him that her life won’t end just because he’s not in it. Stevie leaves the restaurant as Joseline taunts him by calling him a “cry baby.”

A new episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 airs Monday, June 16, at 8 p.m. ET on VH1.

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