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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: Does Rick Get His Watch Back? (If So, How?)

speculation fails from The Walking Dead Season 4 was the conviction that Sam would reappear — at the prison, after the prison, on the road, anywhere. Sam would show up again, with Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) watch, and that suburban moment from Episode 4, "Indifference," wouldn't just be a blip on the radar. Watches are important!

If you recall, Ep4 was when Rick dumped Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). Rick and Carol met Sam and Ana in a house in the 'burbs and Rick gave Sam his watch before they split up. Sam was supposed to rendezvous with them, but he never showed up. Did he die? Maybe. But that door was never closed. Carol gave Rick the watch Ed gave her on her anniversary to replace Rick's watch.

So that's the third watch of note from Season 4. There's the pocket watch that Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) gave to Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) — that Rick noted in Terminus in the S4 finale — plus Rick's watch, and Carol's old watch.

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Credit: Gene Page/AMC    
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    
Season 5 is now filming and some fans have noticed Andrew Lincoln on set, dressed as Rick, with a watch clearly on his wrist. See here. And here. Did he get his original watch back?

As one Spoil the Dead poster speculated, "The obvious guess would be that Rick finds his watch at Terminus, either at the memorial site because Sam was one of their meals/victims or Sam found Terminus and joined them after Rick and Carol's encounter with them. Who knows maybe Sam is the one that helps them escape the A car since Rick helped him? That would be an interesting plot twist. I still think the whole sequence with Sam and his girlfriend was pretty random especially if this watch isn't the same one or has nothing to do with Sam."

Another fan countered, "What makes most sense to me is Carol found the watch back st the housing complex. Seems unlikely Sam trucked all the way to terminus by himself. Esp since he admitted he sucked at killing walkers. And that memorial room seems a bit personalalized to have random meals (if that's true) be remembered on the floor. I dunno tho."

As still another fan broke it down:

"Here's all the possible options:

- Rick finds Sam's body dead or alive at Terminus

- Rick finds Sam's devoured body from walkers outside of Terminus somewhere

- Carol found Rick's watch on Sam's body and gives it to Rick along with Judith.

- Could just be Andrew Lincoln's watch.

Sam's fate was up in the air for a reason."

It would be great to get some closure on the Sam question — but even more great to have a Rick/Carol reunion, including Rick seeing baby Judith again. Rick wearing a watch certainly ties into his last time with Carol, whatever else it might mean. So for that reason alone we’re glad to see the watch questions return.


The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Spoil the Dead

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Credit: Gene Page/AMC