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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Cast: Jason and Molly Mesnick Want Who From Andi Dorfman’s Men?

While the cast list for ABC’s Bachelor spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise, has been announced, there are three names missing. Three not-yet revealed men from Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette will be joining Bachelor Nation alumni in Mexico for some serious south of the border frollicking.

So who do Jason and Molly Mesnick hope those three lucky gents will turn out to be? They took to their podcast to illuminate us on their choices for the sun- (and most likely abs-) filled show.

The cookie man, Marquel Martin, was the first name on their list because “he has a great personality.” We agree and we assume 99.9% of fans do too (if you don’t, we don’t know what show you’ve been watching).

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They also like JJ O’Brien, saying that the pantsapreneur “seems cool.” Yeah, any guy who can make a golden oldie date seem like the most fun anyone on the planet has ever had will probably turn Mexico into one big amusement park. We’re on board with witnessing that.

J+M also predict that at least one of the three will be one of Andi’s front runners: Nick Viall and Marcus Grodd. Why? Because Nicky V “seems like someone who is playing his cards well in that he really wants to be in a relationship” and “people really like” Marcus. Fair enough, though not everyone’s on board with Nick, and there are rumors Marcus has already said no to fun in the sun.

Who do they think definitely won’t be cast? Baller Josh Murray, because “Andi either picks him or he’s going to be the next Bachelor.” Oooooh, bold predictions by the Mes’s. We likey.

What do you think of Jason and Molly’s thoughts on Bachelor in Paradise casting? Awesome choices or pass?

Source: Jason and Molly’s podcast