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Game of Thrones

Is Jon Snow Back for Season 5? Kit Harington Confirms!

The Game of Thrones Season 4 finale hasn’t yet aired, but it sounds like one major cast-member who looked like he could be in danger will make it to Season 5!

Kit Harington reveals to E! that Jon Snow will be back for Season 5: “I go off and start filming in late July for Thrones’ Season 5, and you’ll have to see where it all ends up.” While that sounds like good news for Jon Snow fans, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is all sunshine and rainbows for Jon in the Season 4 finale. Kit says the finale is, “going to be a bit of an impact episode.”

Knowing that Jon Snow will be back for Season 5 does take a little bit of the stress out of watching the Season 4 finale, since when we last saw Jon he was heading beyond the Wall on a suicide mission to take out Mance Rayder. We’re pretty curious as to how he survives, but we’re glad he does!

However, just because it sounds like Jon survives the finale doesn’t mean we don’t have anyone else to worry about. Tyrion’s still in some major hot water, Arya’s always getting into trouble, and Dany’s been so quiet this season we feel like she’s due for a major event... can’t we just hear that they’re all going to be back for Season 5 already?

Source: E!