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Orange is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 3: Dascha Polanco Promoted to Series Regular!

This news is surprising — but only because we'd forgotten it hadn't already happened. According to Deadline, Orange Is the New Black star Dascha Polanco (Daya) has been upped to series regular for Season 3.

About time! Daya's romance with and pregnancy by guard John Bennett (Matt McGorry) has been an important part of the show since Season 1, and it doesn't seem like the drama there is dying down anytime soon.

At the end of Season 2, Daya and Bennett's relationship was in a strained place. They love each other, but they don't necessarily see eye-to-eye about how they should handle their situation. Bennett wanted to keep his mouth shut and allow Pornstache to take the fall, but Daya insisted a real man would step up and claim the baby as his own, even if it meant going to jail.

In the end, Bennett did try to fess up — but Caputo, eager to avoid extra scandal, shut him down, threatening to throw Daya in max if Bennett told anyone else the truth. It'll be interesting to see where these ill-fated lovers go from here.

Dascha isn't the only OITNB fave to get a promotion for the new season. Adrienne C. Moore (Black Cindy) and Samira Wiley (Poussey) will also be series regulars next season.

Source: Deadline