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Tamar Braxton, Syleena Johnson, and KeKe Wyatt Get Heat From the Beyhive (VIDEO)

If there’s one unofficial rule in social media, it’s to never rouse Beyonce’s super fans, otherwise known as the Beyhive. And when a photo of Blue Ivy rocking her mane hit the internet, it caused such an uproar, that a petition for Beyonce to comb her daughter’s hair was created. Yeah. Almost everyone had an opinion on the matter, but when R&B singers Tamar Braxton, Syleena Johnson, and KeKe Wyatt were asked to give their opinion, the Beyhive swarmed on them with a fury.

While hanging with V-103 in Atlanta, Tamar, KeKe, and Syleena were told about the petition and handed photos of Blue Ivy to share their thoughts.

For the most part, all three ladies asserted that Blue was a beautiful baby girl… having a bad hair day. Tamar thought that Blue’s hair “wasn’t that bad,” and “just needed some product,” while KeKe affirmed that “you need to grease and comb natural hair” to reduce to “beadiage.” Syleena said it was “bogus” and joked that Blue’s hair was giving her some “Terence Trent D’arby” or “ODB,” later adding that the photo might’ve taken at a bad angle, with the wind blowing the kiddo’s tendrils to one side.

That was all it took for Beyonce’s fans to dig in their stingers:

“3 irrelevant Muppets @KeKeWyattSings, @TamarBraxtonHer & @Syleena_Johnson talking about a child's hair, who's worth more than ur existence,” tweeted Beyonce Lite, while other fans became really aggressive by calling Syleena derogatory terms, and wishing her bodily harm.

While Tamar and KeKe stayed silent on the hate, Syleena took to both Instagram and Twitter to show the Hive that she wasn’t scared of them — in the slightest.

“Haha haha I'm paying yall unlimited DUST!! ARE U KIDDING ME WITH THESE COMPUTER THUGS??? haha haha haha DUST!” Syleena told her haters on Twitter, which followed a meme that read, “Keep calm like Beyonce in the elevator.”

Credit: Twitter    

Isn’t it amazing how one kid can send social media into a frenzy?!

What do you think of the divas’ comments and what do you think of the Hive striking back? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: V-103, Syleena Johnson on Twitter