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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 8, “Divas Make It Rain” — Here’s What Went Down!

There was a bit of healing and drama dealing on the latest episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, “Divas Make It Rain”. While the divas had some good ol’ fun planning Monifah’s bachelorette party, Syleena Johnson and Angie Stone had a sit-down, KeKe Wyatt got a little crazy, and everyone’s getting fed up with LaTavia Roberson’s reluctance to sing.

Here’s what went down on Season 3, Episode 8, “Divas Make It Rain”:

1. Syleena and Angie lay down the facts. Syleena enlists the help of Monifah to have a sit down with Angie over her gripe that Angie decided to book the tour she was offered for the two of them without Syleena. Angie sits down, unaware of the problem between the two, and when Syleena tells her she felt betrayed, Angie reveals the truth: after Angie and Syleena told the booker that the money wasn’t enough for the two of them, the booker came back with just enough money to only book Angie. Angie’s agent and boyfriend, Ashanti, advised Angie to keep it quiet from Syleena, thinking that it would hurt her feelings, but Angie comes clean with it now to prove to Syleena that she purposely didn’t go behind her back and book the tour. Syleena accepts Angie’s answer and subsequent apology.

2. Angie asks for her invite. In the same discussion, Angie looks to Monifah, and asks the New York native if the two of them have any problems, as she’s felt that Monifah has grown a little distant. Monifah admits that she’s shied away from Angie, after Syleena told her of Angie’s possible betrayal. Angie tells Monifah that she understands and has nothing but love for Monifah and was actually wondering why she didn’t get an invite to Monifah’s wedding to her partner, Terez. Monifah explains that she kept her invitation back due to Angie’s lack of enthusiasm about it, and the whole Syleena situation, but now that everything’s been squared away, she’d love Angie to attend her wedding. Angie happily accepts.

3. Will LaTavia sing? The divas get together to rehearse for their showcase which is just a

couple days away. As the divas sing their ensemble song, Angie tells the divas to go through the song one more time for LaTavia to find her part as she’s the only one who still hasn’t found a lyric, hook, or chorus she’d like to sing. LaTavia feels singled out and tells everyone that she’ll get to it, when it feels right to her, but at the moment, she just doesn’t feel the vibe. Everyone is growing increasingly bored with LaTavia’s excuse, with LaTavia’s own friend, Meelah Williams, jumping in to tell her she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and just sing. When LaTavia says that there’s “a lot going on,” KeKe tells her that everyone has problems to deal with, and she should do the same.

4. KeKe doesn’t do acoustic. As the ladies work on their solo pieces, Angie singles out KeKe, who has expressed that she doesn’t like to do acoustic, as it’s “too naked” for her. When Syleena and Monifah tell KeKe that she shouldn’t feel anti-acoustic — as she sang that way for an event last year — KeKe remarks that acoustic music is for the 40 plus crowd, and that’s not her. At the encouragement of the other divas, KeKe gets up to sing, but clowns around the entire time, making Syleena laugh, but secretly annoyed. Both Syleena and Angie join KeKe to sing backup, but KeKe continues to clown around, even booty poppin during her set. At the end of rehearsal, Syleena announces that the divas will be throwing Monifah’s bachelorette party, and Monifah’s a little worried as she’s the only lesbian surrounded by heterosexual females.

5. Trouble in Angie’s household. Back at her house, Angie sits down with her daughter, Diamond, and boyfriend/manager, Ashanti, to talk family talk. Angie says that she’d like for once for her daughter and boyfriend to be cool with each other, but her daughter says that it’s not going to be likely, as her boyfriend doesn’t really care about Angie’s family. Ashanti defends himself by saying that Angie’s family and friends are consistently in her ear, talking bad about him, and he’s not cool with that. Angie asks if for once they can be civil, and Ashanti says that he’s not open to dealing with her family (save for her daughter at the moment).

Angie then asks Ashanti if they’ll ever get married, and he tells her “when the time is right, it’ll happen.” Angie is not at all pleased with this answer, and when she asks him a second time, he repeats the same thing. Angie leaves the table when the conversation turns to the subject of Angie’s reluctance to listen to people, and returns to tell both Ashanti and Diamond that she wants to be a real family.

6. Pole dancing time! Monifah invites the ladies to a pole dancing class to have a bit of fun and work out a little bit of stress. While all the ladies are growing accustomed to strutting their stuff, Meelah shows that she may know a thing or two about bursting into a split. KeKe learns that she may have a little kink in her, and Monifah decides to show that she’s still got a couple moves left inside of her. When Angie shows up late, she can’t participate as she had a bad fall and hurt her knee, but she still puts on a pair of heels and tries to do a little something in the spirit of sisterhood.

7. Monifah dress stress. Monifah asks Syleena to join her to see the status of her custom-made wedding dress. When Syleena and Monifah show up to the designer's studio, Syleena is a bit worried that the dress is nowhere near where it needs to be in time for Monifah’s wedding. Monifah, completely lost in the vision of what her dress will look like, appears completely unphased by the dress still being in stage one of design. Syleena, having had two dresses made for her two weddings, knows that making wedding dresses is a time-consuming business, and asks the designer if the dress will be completed in time. The designer tells her that she has “the best team in Atlanta” and that the dress will be perfect for the big day. Syleena keeps her concerns to herself as to not worry Monifah, who already has a lot on her plate.

8. Bachelorette party goes wrong. It’s the night of the bachelorette party, and Syleena is anxiously awaiting Monifah’s arrival. When Monifah shows up, she’s surprised by the work that Syleena put into her bash, as well as the racy cake (shaped like a woman’s body with her lady lump and vajayjay exposed) at the center of it all. The party is in full swing when Monifah receives a slew of sex toys and a stack of cash from Syleena and KeKe. Before Monifah could even ask what the money was for, two female exotic dancers enter the party and shock almost every woman in there — especially when one of the dancers literally sets her own behind on fire. As the dancers leave, the women talk over what they just saw and one of Monifah’s friends points out KeKe’s excessive muttering about breasts. When KeKe attempts to correct this friend, the two get into a spat of words, and KeKe tells the woman to relax because she’s not the one to pick a fight with. Said friend responds by telling KeKe she is not afraid to jump over her table right now to duke it out, and Syleena jumps in to calm things down. KeKe resolves to put things aside, as this is Monifah’s celebration and the party continues to go as planned.

Moments later, Angie is gearing up to perform a blessing and talks about the divas and explains to Monifah’s friend that she, KeKe, Syleena, and Monifah are the original divas, while LaTavia and Meelah are the “newbies.” LaTavia takes offense to Angie’s phrasing and tells her not to talk say “that newbie s—.” Angie is instantly offended and tells LaTavia to speak to her correctly or don’t speak to her at all. Meelah is confused by what’s going on, and LaTavia gets annoyed and continues to spout a couple curse words Angie’s way, and Angie decides to keep her blessings (and blessing oil) to herself.

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

06.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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