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Kailyn Lowry

Why Didn’t Kailyn Lowry’s Son, Isaac, Go to the Bahamas?

Kailyn Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin are currently floating around the gorgeous paradise that is Bahamas, and it looks like they're having some major fun in the sun! The only thing missing? Kailyn's oldest son, Isaac Rivera, who was MIA during the trip thanks to the fact that he lives with his dad part-time.

Credit: Javi Marroquin on Instagram    

Kailyn and her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, share custody of their kiddo, and unfortunately Kailyn's trip fell on Father's Day. It goes without saying that Jo wanted to spend time with Isaac on this special holiday, but some fans are slamming him for not letting his kiddo go on vacation with Kailyn and Javi.

"The holiday and family is more important than the beach," Jo tweeted in his defense. "If you think differently I feel bad for your kids. Good luck..."

So, how does Kailyn feel about Jo's refusal to give up Father's Day with Isaac? Apparently, she's slightly peeved — but she doesn't hold a grudge! "I earned the trip so couldn't control the dates. I wanted him here," she explained.

She went on to add, "Could have celebrated Father's Day any day of the year but unfortunately with coparenting Jo decided to keep him." Kailyn seems pretty bummed that Jo wasn't more flexible, but she made sure to defend him to fans, tweeting, "No it doesn't make him a bad parent."

Do you think Jo should have let Isaac go on vacation with Kailyn and Javi, or do you understand him wanting to celebrate Father's Day with his son? Let us know in the comments!