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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Did Mimi Faust’s Boyfriend Nikko Try to Make a Sex Tape With Althea Heart? (PHOTO)

Things are starting to get really juicy on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3, especially for newcomer Althea "Thi Thi" Heart. On Episode 7, “The Past, My Ass”, Benzino's current fianceé revealed that she has in fact dated star Mimi Faust’s boyfriend, and sex tape co-star Nikko in the past!

In the last few episodes, Nikko has taken to calling Althea his “leftovers,” and she’s not pleased. As a matter of fact, Thi Thi has taken to Instagram to say the only reason she’s his “leftovers” is because she refused to make a sex tape with him.

That right, guys! This past Sunday, Althea took to Instagram with a meme featuring a screenshot of Nikko that read, “Althea wouldn’t make a sex tape with me, now she my leftovers,” and captioned the pic, “Don't peddle back now @nikko1 you started it. Finish it!! Lying ass N—. #lhhatl.”
Credit: Instagram    

Um, wow! Could it be that Nikko tried to make a sex tape with Thi Thi back in the day? To some, it may be hard to believe (or not hard at all), but we’re wondering if Nikko’s gal Mimi knows this bit of info. After all, Mimi did kick Nikko to the curb on Monday night’s episode (“Change of Course”) for not telling her the entire truth about his past relationship with Althea, and even questioned Nikko’s involvement in their “leaked” sex tape.

All we know is that we hope Althea doesn’t have a tape floating around somewhere. Between her ex getting it on with his lady for public consumption, and her current man asking people to vote for his penis pic, we don’t think we can handle seeing another Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star bare all.

Do you think Nikko tried to proposition Althea for a sex tape while they were together? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Althea Heart on Instagram