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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard Calls Out Andi Dorfman’s Guys For “Acting Like Middle School Girls”

As we all learned on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette, North Carolina gals don’t mince their words. The newly-married Missus has been underwhelmed thus far by Andi Dorfman’s guys, and she’s not afraid to shout her opinion from the rooftops, i.e., her Parade blog. This week, she’s using that blog to school several of Season 10’s men by basically telling them to grow-the-F-up. So who is on the receiving end of her verbal berating?

Em sounds off on the fight between Nick Viall and Cody Sattler, writing “two grown men go into a fight because one grown man called another grown man ‘Mr. Thankful.’ Did I mention GROWN MEN? Ugh.” We’re just guessing here, but we bet if you do a Google search for “grown men” this week, the Emster’s blog will top the results list — girl likes to drive a point home.

She continues her rant by spotlighting pot stirrer JJ O’Brien and his target, Andrew Poole. “And if that wasn’t enough grown men acting like middle school girls, JJ tells Marquel that Andrew called him a ‘blackie’ and that he’s sure he heard him say that because ‘he wasn’t that drunk.’” It’s unclear if Emily takes offense to the racial slur and/or the drunk comment, but either way, the only guy who got her gushing in Episode 5 was eliminated contestant Marquel Martin.

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“As for Marquel,” she writes, “he’s the cutest thing ever and it broke my heart to see him upset...All I know is Marquel isn’t going to have a hard time finding a girlfriend.” Can we add Emily to camp#MarquelForBachelor?

While we don’t love it when people, especially other women, insult men by comparing them to girls, we gotta say that the in-fighting in the house this week resembled an off-broadway revival of Mean Girls. Em’s final word on the matter? “I wish they were still miming because this is next level ridiculous.” We’d say amen, sistah friend, but we just mimed zipping our mouths shut.

What do you think of Emily calling the guys middle school girls? Dead on or give em a break?

Source: Emily’s Parade blog