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The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris: Nick Viall Seems Like the “Crazy Possessive Type Boyfriend”

Nick Viall into a shipping crate marked “return to sender.” The Internet voted and Nick, aka McSalty-pants, was the Debbie Downer of Episode 5. The best take on Nick’s sullenness came from our fave Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, when she wrote what we’re all thinking in her blog. So what’s her #realtalk on the sulky silent?

“Based on the way he acts when he doesn’t receive a rose, I think he seems pretty crazy,” she writes about the non-Group Date Rose-getter. “Like he would be a crazy possessive type boyfriend that CONSTANTLY needs attention.” Basically, Jilly thinks if they were together, Andi would have to give him a rose every time he debuted a new sweater vest or remembered to put the toilet seat down. Exhausting — and who has that kind of cash flow for florals?

But Jillian doesn’t stop there, which is why we totally love her with all our heart cavity. “I really didn’t like the fact that Nick decided NOT to participate or even TRY the miming thing…just live in the moment and be grateful that you are in the south of France!” Seeeeeriously, Nick. Put your big boy beret on and scare those French people with the best of them. You didn’t see Marquel Martin complaining.

What do you think of Jillian’s take on Nick? Crazy boyfriend material or just has a hard time sharing?

Source: Jillian’s blog

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Credit: Patrick Aventurier/ABC Television Group