Credit: Juan Pablo on Twitter    
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell Engaged? The Bachelor Posts Ring Picture!

Few couples in Bachelor Nation history have been plagued with as much speculation about their relationship as Bachelor Season 18’s Juan Pablo Galavis and winner Nikki Ferrell. When JPG didn’t propose to the Nikster during the final Rose Ceremony, Vegas odds-makers (aka our sister Karen) bet the Latin lover and the pediatric nurse wouldn’t outlast the flavor in our Juicy Fruit. Surprising pretty much everyone, three months post-finale, the duo is going strong. So strong that they’re engaged? Let’s discuss.

Juan Pabs has the rumor mill churning thanks to a photo he posted to Twitter that shows a woman’s hand displaying some bling on her put-a-ring-on-it finger. Eek!

BUT… the photo’s caption leaves room for speculation. “PERFECT night… She is CHECKING on the players and she HAS her favorites…” the commander of the shift key writes.

Credit: Juan Pablo on Twitter    

We can’t know for sure that the “she” the disembodied digits belong to is Nik. El Bachelor has been known to hang with ex, and mother of his daughter, Carla Rodriguez, and the hand, though a might bit large for a 5-year-old’s, could even belong to daughter Camila.

Even if the ring finger in question does belong to JPG’s “Catira” Nikki, the sparkler hanging out on it doesn’t look all that blingy — aka, engagement ring worthy. We’re pretty sure that Nikki is the kind of gal who’d want you to be able to see her man’s love proclamation from Babylon 5.

Despite all the ifs, ands, or buts that go with this photo, the detail we’re choosing to focus on in support of this being an engagement announcement is the part of the caption that reads “PERFECT night.” We would hope that a perfect night in Juan Pabs’s book would be asking the woman he loves to marry him (and her saying yes, of course). If perfect does only refer to channeling your inner 13-year-old and spending the night with your Topps player trading cards, then, you’re a better woman than us, Nikki. You go ahead and hold onto that one tight.

What do you think? Is that Nikki’s hand with an engagement ring on it or just Camila playing Elizabeth Taylor dress up?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter