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Katie Yeager

Katie Yeager’s Daughter Molli Got a Haircut — What Does She Look Like Now? (PHOTO)

Teen Mom 3's Katie Yeager has always been a fashionista, so it goes without saying that her daughter, Molli, knows what's up when it comes to styling herself pretty. Although, let's hope Molli doesn't inherit her mom's predilection toward stomach and boob tattoos...

Credit: Katie Yeager on Instagram    

Anyway, Katie has always dressed Molli in truly sweet outfits (she might even rival Teen Mom 2's Aubree Houska for Best Dressed Teen Mom Tot), and this gal's look just got 1,000 times more adorable thanks to a new makeover!

Yep, Katie recently took Molli to the salon for a fresh, new haircut. “Big girl hair cut,” Katie captioned the sweet photo. “Molli got bangs.” You can now audibly OMG at her cuteness.

First of all, Molli looks just like her mom in this snapshot. Second of all, we love that her bangs are parted in the middle. And third of all, we absolutely adore her fresh new style! Of course, this little girl's hair would look ten times better with some hair feathers, or at the very least some purple polyester extensions, but we'll take what we can get.

Do you like Molli's cut? Head to the comments and dish — but keep in mind that the only acceptable answer is "yes."