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R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 9, “California Love” — Here’s What Went Down!

The divas finally get down to business on R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3, Episode 9, “California Love” and man, there were more meltdowns than popsicles left out in the sun. Between KeKe Wyatt refusing to sing, the divas growing tired of LaTavia Roberson’s excuses, and Syleena Johnson working on her career, we can’t believe that we’re only one episode away from the Season 3 finale and its subsequent reunion show!

Here’s what went down on Season 3, Episode 9, “California Love”:

1. The divas arrive in L.A.! The divas finally make it to L.A. for their one-night only performance and Syleena takes the time to hang with KeKe poolside. Syleena finally lets KeKe in on the little tiff between herself and Angie, and KeKe is shocked considering she’s just grown to like Angie. Syleena also asks KeKe where her head is at following her little blow-up at Monifah’s bachelorette party. KeKe tells Syleena she’s thinking of backing out of attending Monifah’s wedding as to not create any drama for Monifah on her special day.

2. Soundcheck gone wrong. Five of the six divas (LaTavia’s M.I.A.) meet at the venue for their one-night only event and are completely shocked to see their acoustic set is not at all what they expected. The instruments they wanted are not present, and it makes an already nervous KeKe all the more anxious. Even more troubling, when the divas hit the stage to sing Angie Stone’s ensemble song, “Sister”, the majority of the divas still don’t have the lyrics down. KeKe decides she only wants to sing the hook and when Monifah and Syleena try to coax her otherwise, she flips and says she wants out of the song completely.

3. Everyone tries to calm down KeKe. After KeKe’s little outburst, both Monifah and Syleena try to calm her down but KeKe grows increasingly agitated that no one hears her concerns. The divas tell her they understand she’s not up to singing, and if that’s her wish, then so be it. Moments later, Angie comes to KeKe and asks her what’s wrong. After explaining she doesn’t feel right about singing something she didn’t want to sing in the first place, Angie tells KeKe she’s OK with it, but ultimately knows KeKe will do the right thing in the end.

4. Is KeKe ditching the wedding? Syleena calls to have lunch with Monifah and KeKe to resolve their feelings about the show, and for KeKe to let Monifah know she doesn’t want to attend the wedding. When KeKe relays she’s fearful of ruining Monifah’s day, Mo is at first upset KeKe would think to remove herself from the union, and then is emotional because she knows KeKe would never do anything to intentionally ruin her day. Mo then tells KeKe she has to be a part of her union with Terez and advises KeKe to just know her boundaries.

5. Meelah seeks a makeover. As it gets closer to the date of the one-night only performance, Meelah Williams meets with a celebrity stylist to revamp her style as this will be her debut as a solo artist. Meelah meets with Angel, who advises her to wear a sexy, gold blazer — with nothing but some stockings underneath. Meelah is scared that she’d be revealing too much, and says she’ll sleep on it.

6. Syleena moves her career forward. After meeting with the A&R agent for Motown Music, Syleena has a lot to consider since Sony Music Group also has interest in signing her. Syleena has a dinner meeting with her friend, Wayne Williams, who previously offered her a spot at his up-and-coming label, Astronauts, featuring R. Kelly as an executive producer. Syleena is told she has one day to decide if she’ll sign with them, and after much consideration tells Wayne her gut says to go with Astronauts.

7. LaTavia is on everyone’s last nerve. The day of the one-night only show arrives, and LaTavia finally decides to make an appearance. When she’s asked if she will perform, LaTavia stumbles on her words, and Monifah jumps in asking LaTavia to speak the truth and say “no.” LaTavia feels like everyone is coming down on her and doesn’t know what they expect her to do. Monifah replies simply “sing.” When LaTavia gives the excuse she’s had no rehearsal time, KeKe jumps in to say no one has had rehearsal time so she should suck it up like the rest of them. LaTavia then says she’s not feeling well, and KeKe removes herself from the conversation, saying everyone has problems. Monifah follows KeKe and applauds her for not blowing up at LaTavia, and Syleena joins them, telling KeKe to speak with LaTavia in a calm, rational way. When LaTavia meets with KeKe in a backroom, KeKe tells LaTavia she’s pissing her off with her constant fear, as though she’s the only one who is scared. Furthermore, KeKe tells LaTavia that if she sings in Angie’s song, “Sister”, she will join in. Unbeknownst to them, Angie hears the ladies and is overjoyed by the news.

8. One-night only… hits a snag. It’s an hour to showtime and the ladies are all backstage getting ready for their performance. The only problem? Their soundcheck wasn’t the best, and they’re hoping that the sound people will be able to make things work. As all six divas prepare, they are surprised by R&B Divas LA stars Chanté Moore, Lil’ Mo, Michel’le, and Claudette Ortiz. The four ladies wish them luck and go about their way.

The divas hit the stage, and Monifah is up first to sing her set. It goes extremely well, and Meelah (and her gold blazer) follows with her new song, “Numb.” Next is KeKe, who brings the house down with her rendition of “If Only You Knew.” When it’s Syleena’s time to sing, there’s a problem — the microphone is acting funny. Syleena, being the performer that she is, continues to power through it, but grows increasingly annoyed and finally stops her set to address the issue by saying “you’re gonna fix this motherf—r.” Moments later, Syleena’s microphone is back in action and she completes her song. Finally, Angie hits the stage with a rendition of her own song, followed by her new song, “Sister.” All the divas jump in to sing, and when it’s time for LaTavia to open her mouth, she sings her one line, and the divas breath a collective sigh of relief. The ladies close out their show by going into the audience to sing and dance with guests.

What did you think of the latest episode of R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

06.19.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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