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Erica Dixon on Relationship With O’Shea Russell: “I Think I Was Blinded”

This past Monday, we watched as Erica Dixon’s relationship with new boyfriend O’Shea Russell came to a screeching halt — literally. After learning O’Shea decided to end their relationship, Erica received a call from her ex-boo asking for gas money to continue his awkward grand exit. The two got into a flurry of words, and ultimately ended things for good with Erica leaving him stranded near some railroad tracks.

“I think I was blinded,” Erica recently revealed to “At first you don’t really think about it because you’re in a relationship,” she explained of her boyfriend’s mounting money woes. “Finally I got to the point where I’m like you’re my man and your [sic] supposed to be the provider.”

Fans were definitely rooting for Erica’s new guy — who wouldn’t? He’s a model, he’s hot, and according to Erica, he treated her “like a queen.” However, as Erica found herself constantly picking up the tab in their relationship, she grew frustrated.

It was just like everything was on me and that’s a lot,” Erica explained.“It wasn’t just O’Shea, it’s O’Shea and his three kids, and then it’s my daughter of course. I only have one child. I would’ve had four other kids to take care of, and I wasn’t ready for all that.

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Jeez! Even we have to admit that’s quite a lot. Erica described things started to go left when he would forget his wallet at home or never “have any cash” while they were out. “What if I was just as broke as him what was we gonna do? Cause I wasn’t going to wash dishes,” Erica joked (or not).

But Erica did make sure to say O’Shea has his fine points. “He has fought for me,” she said, adding that unlike her ex, Lil Scrappy, O’Shea had “no additional women, no side relationships, no side friendships. He gave me that.” But at the end of of it all, she felt O’Shea wasn’t willing to be the provider she wants.

“I feel like in our relationship he got very comfortable after the car accident … and I was there to support him but I just feel like once he got back on his feet … he just lost that drive and ambition to be a man and take care of his woman and his kids.”

At least she got to keep his gas money!

Do you think financial instability is a grounds for a breakup? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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