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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5: Judith Played By New Twins — How Old Is She Now?

How old will Shane’s Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) daughter Judith be in The Walking Dead Season 5?

We last saw baby Judith with Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) and Tyreese (Chad Coleman) in Season 4, Episode 14, “The Grove,” and we haven’t heard much about what been she’s up to in Season 5, which should be filming Episode 4/Ep 5 right around now. The S4, Episode 16 finale ended on a cliffhanger and we haven’t been expecting a big time jump into Season 5. We have wondered if maybe a time jump is coming between episodes, but it’s still possible there's no time jump at all.

What’s apparent is that we have new twins playing Judith, which at least suggests she’s active/alive in Season 5. Huzzah!

Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Chandler Riggs, who plays Judy’s big brother Carl Grimes, mentioned the new actresses during a recent chat when a fan wondered how they made Judith cry on set.

Chandler answered, "well theyre a set of twins, charlotte and clara, so when one of them start crying they just switch them out. and if they need it to sound like theyrr crying, they just put the sounds in later." And if they don’t cry fast enough, they’re given back to Lizzie!

Charlotte and Clara are new names on the circuit. Judith Grimes has her own Facebook page with the history of who has played her since she was born in the prison in TWD Season 3.

According to the site, in S3, Judith was played by Adelaide and Eliza Cornwell, and they made their on-screen debut at just six-weeks old. Loudyn and Leighton Case also played Judith in Season 3, debuting in Episode 9. Tinsley and Anniston Price played Judith through most of Season 4 (Episode 1- Episode 10), their Facebook page states. According to the Judith page, Eleora and Elisea DiFranco first made a brief appearance as Judith in Episode 10, “Inmates,” and played Judith in the entire episode of "The Grove.” They were born on March 7, 2013, so they’re just over 1-year-old at this point. Tinsley and Anniston were born in 2012 so they’re now 2.

Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

There’s no mention of Charlotte and Clara on the Facebook page yet, so it's not clear how old they are. There's also no mention of who played Judith in the Ep16 finale flashback, but you'd have to assume they went for younger babies than anyone else in S4, because that was from the time between S3 and S4.

Did TWD have to recast for Season 5 because Judith is now older, or because the babies who played her in Season 4 are now too old themselves? If there was no time jump from when “The Grove” was filmed — which would’ve been back in November or so — to when Season 5 started filming in May 2014, maybe they needed younger kids than Eleora and Elisea or Tinsley and Anniston. Then again, we’ll have to see if there’s a time jump making Judith even older. (Maybe she’ll even start talking soon?)

Do you think there’s a time jump element to the new babies playing Judith or does that suggest to you a lack of a time jump for the Carol/Tyreese/Judith storyline? Or are you just glad to get a Judith status update, and who cares how old she is now?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

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