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Teen Mom

Jo Rivera and Vee Torres Celebrate Their Three-Year Anniversary! (PHOTO)

Please pop open a bottle of bubbly (aka Mountain Dew), and say cheers to Teen Mom 2's hottest couple, Jo Rivera and Vee Torres! These love birds celebrated their three-year anniversary on June 22, and we can't believe they've been together for so long.

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"A little toast to 3 crazy years with a beautiful woman," Jo posted to Twitter along with a photo of himself and Vee sippin' on champs.

So cute! It's hard to believe that it's been three years since Vee starred in Jo's music video for his rapping alter-ego, Nerd In A Cool Kid's Body, but their chemistry has been unthinkably amazing ever since. (P.S. Jo's video is called "Unthinkable," so that sentence works on all kinds of levels.)

Unfortunately, Jo and Vee's relationship has caused a lot of drama in Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry's life. This girl wasn't thrilled about her sexy exy dating Vee (who she lovingly referred to as a "hoodrat"), and for a while she wouldn't let their son, Isaac, be around her. Luckily, Kailyn and Vee get along swimmingly these days!

In other news, don't expect Jo and Vee to get engaged anytime soon. Jo has made it clear that he has no intention of putting a ring on his girlfriend's finger, which sort of makes sense considering he barely qualifies as an adult.

So, yeah. Happy anniversary, Vee and N.I.C.K b!