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Kenan Thompson and Wife Christina Share Photos of New Daughter, Georgia May

Kenan Thompson’s daughter, Georgia May, might only be a few days old, but she’s already among the most famous kiddies on Instagram. Kenan and his wife, Christina Evangeline, recently took to the social media site to share their first few precious moments with baby Georgia, and it was just too cute for us not to share!

Credit: Christina Evangeline on Instagram    

“While you were sleeping,” Christina captioned a snapshot of Kenan gazing at his little girl. She also shared a selfie with her daughter saying, “We’re just really sleepy.”

The couple welcomed Georgia — who weighed in at exactly 6 lbs. — on Friday, June 20, in New York around 10:30 a.m. ET, so it’s no wonder the new family is a bit tired. According to TMZ, Kenan and his wife are "exhausted/ecstatic,” while the new papa (and we’re assuming Christina since you know, she did all the hard work) hasn’t slept a wink since the baby was born.

The SNL funnyman must be going though a lot of emotions right now, especially given how initially “terrified” he was about fatherhood. “I don't know what to do with babies,” the 36-year-old previously admitted to Seth Meyers during a Late Night apperance. “I plan to be at the casino when she's giving birth, like old schoolin' it." We’re glad to see he was kidding!

As for this guy becoming a father, we’re sure Kenan will take to the new role just fine. Not only can he make anyone laugh, but he has a lot of experience playing in bathtubs with a rubber ducky. See, we knew Pierre Escargot would be good for something one day!

Congratulations again to the happy family!