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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Spoiler: Which Bad Boy Was Shot Down by Three Women? (UPDATE)

UPDATE 7/7/14: They say the third time is the charm, but for Kalon McMahon, the bad boy of Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette, bad things come in threes. We recently reported (see original story below) he struck out with three different ladies on ABC's new spinoff series Bachelor in Paradise (his third stint on reality TV), and now we know who the ladies are who shut it down for Kalon. According to Reality Steve, the women of Paradise who said thanks but nah dawg to Kalon are Michelle Money, Jackie Parr, and Sarah Herron.

The helicopter hopper arrived late in the series — Episode 4 of 7 — and when all three of the ladies he propositioned gave him a hard pass, he went on a date by himself. Steve says Kalon "brings two shirts, and talks to himself over dinner sitting in both seats wearing a different outfit. Called the 'one-on-none' date." Um, wow. Just imagining that in our heads is hilarious and creepy sad. We wonder what he talked about over dinner? We bet he was his own best date ever, complimenting himself on his hair, his muscles, and his lack of kid baggage.

RS goes on to report that Kalon "doesn't get a rose at the end of the episode and gets sent home," making Kalon's trip to paradise a short-lived one. Better luck on your next reality venture, Kalon?

ORIGINAL STORY 6/24/14: Up until now, we were pretty sure Kalon McMahon would always be remembered as the bad boy of Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette who found redemption — and a short-lived love — with Lindzi Cox on Bachelor Pad 3. Now we’re pretty sure he’s gonna be remembered as the sultan of strikeouts, because according to Reality Steve, that’s all Mr. Helicopter does on his brief stint on Bachelor in Paradise.

“Kalon lasts a whole 24 hours on this show,” writes the spoiler king. Ouch. “He came on the show last week bearing a date card, asked three different women if they wanted to go on a date, they all said no, so he went on a date by himself, then left the next day.” Ouch in triplicate. Somewhere outside Seattle, Lindzi just giggled quietly into a horse’s mane.

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If RS is right, it makes us wonder if Kalon will even make it to our small screens when BiP airs this summer, or if his footage will be left on the floor at the feet of the women who dissed him. If we were him, we’d be back in Texas (where he’s chairman of a surf-inspired fitness company), lighting a Tiki torch to the Bachelor gods, and asking them to spare us the public strikeout humiliation.

But to someone seeking fame, maybe a bad day in the spotlight is better than a good day with no spotlight at all?

Will you tune in to watch Kalon get turned down? Tell us below.

Source: Reality Steve