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The Walking Dead

Suarez For The Walking Dead Season 5? Internet Bites Into Zombie-Cannibal Jokes

It’s almost too easy to make biting comments about Luis Suarez chomping his way onto The Walking Dead. But almost too easy = irresistible.

The Internet is still having a field day joking about Uruguay’s controversial footballer biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during yesterday’s World Cup match. (Chiellini probably isn't laughing too hard, though.) Would Suarez and Rick “Neck Biter” Grimes be best friends in the zombie apocalypse, or would Suarez be drafted for Team Terminus? (We hear the after-parties at Mary’s BBQ stand are killer!)

TWD Season 5 is now filming in Georgia, and we’re pretty sure The Powers That Be have no plans to cast Suarez as a walker/cannibal/all-purpose biter. But that hasn’t stopped fans from suggesting the player for a cameo. There's a new little Facebook page called "Hiring Luis Suarez for The Walking Dead because your short of a zombie,” and a F-book group called "Luis Suarez for guest role in Walking Dead 5." But Twitter has been having the most fun with the crossover.

The updates keep coming in, but here are some of the best Walking Dead/Suarez tweets:

What do you think? Did you also join in with Walking Dead jokes, after watching or hearing about Suarez? Should he have a cameo on TWD, with Chiellini as the guy who puts him down?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.