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The Bachelorette

Dylan Petitt Responds to His Embarrassing Bachelorette 2014 Hand Washing Admission

We’re not really sure how to feel about Dylan Petitt’s bold admission on The Bachelorette this week that he doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bathroom. While we’re a little concerned about his personal hygiene, we also applaud him for his honesty with Andi Dorfman and for remaining (mostly) calm under the pressure of that ridiculous polygraph test. But what does the Mass bro have to say for himself now?

Dylan did what any modern male would do, and took to social media this week to respond to the embarrassing admission. And you guys? He handled it with real aplomb. Like seriously, this is how you deal with being humiliated on national television, so take note!

“I may not always wash my hands, but I do sanitize #toughquestions #don'tjudge #sorrymom,” Dylan wrote on Instagram, accompanying a photo of some hand sanitizer next to his car keys.

Is it bad to say that we like him even more now? The 26-year-old accountant is totally hot, true, but clearly he also has a great sense of humor! Why isn’t this the side of Dylan shown more on the show, ABC? That’s what we want to see … a man that can make us laugh.

Do you like the way Dylan responded to all of the media buzz? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Dylan Petitt on Instagram